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Aga Muhlach, Charlene Gonzales emotional as daughter Atasha leaves for UK

Aga and Charlene pen heartwarming messages for daughter Atasha

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/8/2021 in News
Aga Muhlach, Charlene Gonzales emotional as daughter Atasha leaves for UK

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales have sent off their daughter Atasha to the U.K. for her sophomore year in college just weeks after their son Andres left for Spain for the same reason. 

After dropping Atasha off the airport, her parents found the surprise she left for them, which the “Seven Sundays” star shared through a video on Instagram. 

“So, we come home from the airport, we entered the room and we see this. Sakit. Hay, guys. Miss you both. Thanks, Tash. I’ll miss you,” said Aga as he showed a collage made out of polaroids from Atasha, before panning the camera to Charlene who’s in tears. 

In the caption, the actor wrote, “You got us both!!! ‘Kaw talaga! We already miss you! Please, don’t worry about me and your mom. Enjoy your college and independence. Continue to be the person that you are. God is with you, ALWAYS! As much as it breaks my heart and your mom’s that both you and Andres will be away for a long time, please know in your hearts that we are the happiest for you both . Have fun! Spread love and kindness! I love you very much, my little princess, and I will always miss you! Cheers to college life!” 



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Charlene, on the other hand, posted photos of Atasha and talked about how special it was for them to be able to spend time with their kids in the past year. 

“Off to college, my precious daughter Atasha. The time has come for you to physically be on campus as you go off to college today in the U.K. Having you with us during the last year in the house while you were studying online was a treat and absolute joy for your dad and I, that we will forever cherish,” said Charlene.



The former beauty queen added, “As you enter into your sophomore year in college, know that we are truly proud of you and excited for you in your next journey in life. As a mom, I’m happy and sad. Happy for the memories you will be making in your college life as you continue to fly and spread your wings, but sad because we will be tremendously missing you so much.” 

She then said how much she’ll miss Atasha and wrote down her wishes for her. “Thank you for being the best daughter to your dad and I. Thank you for your sweet gift for your dad and I when we got home. You always surprise us with sweet gifts, letters or art. I will miss our girls bonding sessions. Continue to be kind, God-fearing, and glorify God in everything you do.” 

“Words are not enough to express how proud I am of you. We are blessed to have you as our daughter. I love you so much and I’m missing you already!!!” she ended. 

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