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10 times Daniel Padilla proved he's the perfect boyfriend

Kathryn is truly lucky to have found the best partner!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/8/2021 in News
10 times Daniel Padilla proved he's the perfect boyfriend

Daniel Padilla is known for many things. He is an actor, a musician, an endorser, and an entrepreneur. But if there's another thing he could take pride in, it's probably how he is the perfect boyfriend to Kathryn Bernardo.

We know there's no such thing as perfect, but we certainly believe Daniel comes pretty close. He has set the standard to being the best jowa one could ever have, and these traits below prove this to be true:

1. He is a true gentleman



A post shared by DJPGlobal (@_djpglobal_)




A post shared by DJPGlobal (@_djpglobal_)

Over the years, we've witnessed how much of a true gentleman Daniel is. From being Kathryn's "personal assistant," to looking picture-perfect at events, to patiently assisting her in every way, you better believe Daniel is always ready for his Tangi.

2. He is a man of words and action



A post shared by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp)



A post shared by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp)



A post shared by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp)

When Kathryn said Daniel is both her "dream guy and reality guy," we felt that. Daniel has always been vocal about his feelings for the actress, may it be words of affirmation or promises. And the best part of it all? He always proves them with actions.

3. He values Kathryn's family as much as he values his own




A post shared by Min Bernardo (@bernardomin)



A post shared by Min Bernardo (@bernardomin)

Daniel's mom Karla Estrada has always been open about how much of a good son the actor is to their family, especially to his siblings. No wonder he's such a family man even to Kathryn's family! Daniel is very close to Kathryn's mom Min Bernardo that they sometimes plan things together to surprise her daughter. He also treats Lhexine, the daughter of Kathryn's sister, as his own little sister.

4. He is the best paw-rent to their fur babies




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As early as now, we get a glimpse of Daniel as a father by being a paw-rent to his fur babies with Kathryn. And with how he takes good care of them, we just know he's going to be a great dad in the future!

5. He takes the best photos of Kathryn


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Imagine having a boyfriend that will hype you up while taking photos? Definitely Daniel! He isn't just a gentleman on-cam and behind-the-scenes, he's also the best photographer Kathryn could ask for!

6. He is Kathryn's very own frontliner



Daniel wasn't kidding when he said he was Kathryn's "frontliner ng pag-ibig" in an interview with Robi Domingo. In the early days of lockdown in 2020, Daniel said he personally brought supplies to Kathryn's home to make sure she and her family are safe and okay.

7. He embraces Kathryn's insecurities

In case you didn't know, it was Daniel who helped Kathryn overcome her insecurities, particularly her "sakang" legs. Daniel embraced everything about her — her flaws included — and if that isn't love, then we don't know what is.

8. He plans the best surprises




Daniel knows the way to Kathryn's heart by knowing exactly what would make her happy at the specific moment. From surprising her with her favorite flowers (seven of them, mind you!) to flying all the way to Hong Kong just to comfort her in her most difficult time, he really just plans out the best surprises for his Bal.

9. He is Kathryn's number one support system - and fan



As Kathryn said in one of her Instagram posts, her success is also Daniel's success. Her achievements wouldn't be possible without her ever-supportive partner behind it, who is always present in every milestone of her life — be it as her leading man in projects, or simply as her cheerleader!

10. He thinks of their future together


There's nothing more kilig than having a man who has plans for your future together. And in the case of Kathryn and Daniel, the actor has been open about their marriage plans which they may hold "four years to five years from now."

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