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Regine Velasquez reveals what she did when called ‘pangit’

Regine shares one great advice she received from husband Ogie

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/7/2021 in News
Regine Velasquez reveals what she did when called ‘pangit’

Insulting anyone for their looks is already bad enough, but telling a woman as beautiful as Regine Velasquez that she’s ugly is a whole different level of ridiculousness. 

In a recent conversation with Bianca Gonzalez, the Asia’s Songbird recalled how she was judged a lot for the way she looks back in the early days of her career. 

“’Yun yung [laging comment] sa akin, ‘Hindi masyadong kagandahan. Baka hindi siya sumikat. Maputi lang.’ I was told to my face, ‘Baka hindi sumikat kasi hindi ka masyadong maganda. Siguro dapat mag-ayos ka pa.’”

But instead of letting those people get her down, Regine used their words as motivation. 

“I’ve always heard that since I was a little girl. I’ve always thought I was not pretty because I was told I was ugly. But that didn’t make me insecure for some reason. I accepted that fact kasi sila 'yung tumitingin, eh. But in my head, ‘Wait till you hear me sing.’”

It also helped that the singer/actress was raised by a man who fed her with affirmations, making the snide comments almost having no effect on her. 

“Hindi ako naging insecure, kasi my father would always have his way of making me feel confident about myself. As a matter of fact, naging challenge for me. Sinabihan akong hindi sisikat kasi pangit. Talaga ba? Let’s see. Gagalingan ko pa.” 

The “Paano Kita Iibigin” star has another man in her life that has taught her about fighting through distractions and doing the best she can, no matter what. And this advice came from no other than her husband Ogie Alcasid. 

“Words iyan ng asawa ko, you have to show up kahit ano pang nangyari sa 'yo, kahit ano’ng mood meron ka, depressed ka, when you have a schedule, you show up. That’s all I did, I kept showing up, may boses o wala, may sakit, malapit na mamatay, I’d show up.”

She believes that just like her, her fans deal with their own problems. But even though they do, they still show up at her performances and if they can do it, there’s no reason for her not to. 

“Alam mo 'yung kasabihan sa industry na the show must go on, I guess they say that because your audience don’t care what you’re going through personally. They don’t have to know, they don’t care. They are there to be entertained because they probably have their own thing. They are probably going through some heavy stuff too like you. Lahat naman tayo we go through it. 

“Sa thinking ko, if I don’t show up, hindi mo nagawa 'yung what you’re supposed to do. You’re getting paid to do that. Or kahit na walang bayad, actually mas mahirap nga hindi mag-show up sa walang bayad kasi nakakahiya ‘yun, eh,” said Regine. 

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