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10 times we wished we were Kathryn Bernardo

Everything about Kathryn is just worth admiring!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/7/2021 in News
10 times we wished we were Kathryn Bernardo

We know it's not easy to be Kathryn Bernardo, but sometimes we wonder: how does it actually feel to be her? A phenomenal actress, a top endorser, a face of a superstar, in a loving relationship, or to simply put it, paborito ng Diyos!

Our list can go on and on, but these ones below are something we admire from Kathryn and make us wish we were actually her, even just for a day:

1. Her au naturel beauty


If we have a beauty like Kathryn's, we feel like we can conquer anything. Her au naturel beauty behind all the makeup is our most favorite, and it's something we'd wish to have.

While it's all in the Bernardo genes, you can also achieve that flawless beauty by investing in good skincare. Go for ones with a hydrating formula so you can have that youthful glow from within like Kathryn.

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2. Her gorgeous salon-like hair


Even during her "Super Inggo" days, her crowning glory is something Kathryn already takes pride in. She has maintained her gorgeous salon-like hair over the years, and it's definitely something we can only wish to have!

In a tropical country like ours, it's best to use a refreshing and cooling shampoo to get that fresh and voluminous look. At least we'll get to experience how it feels to be ~fresh~ like Kathryn even just for a moment!

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3. Her golden morena skin


Kathryn's golden morena skin helped us appreciate our natural skin color even more. But if there's something about her skin that we love, it's the glow that makes her stand out from everyone else.

The first step to achieve that glowing skin is to make sure your skin isn't dry and flaky. If you're not a fan of sticky lotions, try using body oils instead to easily moisturize your skin with an instant glowing effect!

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4. Her post-workout glow


By now we've established how much we admire Kathryn's ✨glow✨ that is evident even after a tiring workout sesh. Kathryn is spotted drinking celery juice from time to time, but for those who dread the taste of it, you might want to try flavored collagen drinks. They don't just give a youthful glow, but also target your skin, hair, and nails!

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5. Her amazing side profile



From her perfectly shaped nose to her to-die-for jawline, Kathryn indeed has one of the best side profiles in showbiz. For those who want to at least tone their face, you can try incorporating a gua sha in your routine, which is a natural anti-aging tool to help tone your face and other parts of the body.

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6. Her simple yet striking style


Kathryn can literally wear anything and still look gorgeous as ever. Even when going on beach trips, she can look stunning in photos while wearing a simple bralette.

We found something quite similar to what Kathryn wore, so we can all at least share the same vibe as her in our future beach trips! 👙

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7. Her effortless pambahay look


Pambahay fashion is something we see from Kathryn during lockdown, and she proves to us again and again how beautiful she can be even in pajamas. Since most of us now work remotely, you can rock this look a la Kathryn while lounging in comfy pajamas!

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8. Her dainty side


As much as effortless looks work on Kathryn, we love seeing her dainty, polished side too. It's very reminiscent of her child star days, which makes us want to sport it too and channel our tweeny-bopper side!

If you're looking for dresses that are cute yet appropriate for young adults, puff-sleeved ones like what Kathryn is wearing above are the perfect pick.

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9. Her ability to pull off anything oversized


We know how much Kathryn is a fan of cropped tops and small bags, but she isn't afraid to sport oversized tops and large bags too. We may not have the same luxury bag Kathryn owns, but owning a practical duffel bag that matches your daily fashion can at least come close.

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10. Her jaw-dropping glam


And being the A-list celebrity that she is, Kathryn has probably pulled off all the glam looks you can ever think of and slayed them every time. It's hard to mirror her looks exactly, but we can try to cop her makeup looks such as her baby pink blush for that effortless rosy glow.

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