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~*Gifts*~ to get your pet, as seen on Kathryn and Daniel's fur babies

Your babies deserve the best too!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/6/2021 in News
~*Gifts*~ to get your pet, as seen on Kathryn and Daniel's fur babies

If you've been following Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla for a while now, you know how much they treat their pets like their own kids. The way they spoil their fur babies shows how much they love and care for them, that they make us want to become one too as we take care of our own pets.

Whether you're a new pup owner or simply wanting to be the best fur parent you can be, it's important to take note of the essentials you need for your beloved babies. Below are some of the must-haves we've seen from KathNiel's pets:






Collars are a great way to keep an identification piece on your dog, just in case they run away or get lost. This is something Kathryn and Daniel have in all of their dogs, with each of them owning a distinct color.

When buying a collar, always consider the size and features such as insect repellent ones to keep fleas and ticks away from your pets.

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Scarf / Bandana





Apart from collars, Kathryn and Daniel love putting bandanas on their pets to amp up their fashion. They come in assorted colors and prints, probably depending on how they want to style their fur babies for a day. Just make sure to get the right size depending how big or small your pet is!

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If you're like Kathryn and Daniel who bring your pets to work or travel, it's ideal to invest in a good leash to ensure their safety and protection. Not all leashes are created equally, so make sure to get adjustable and heavy-duty ones that will keep your pets comfortable.

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Pet clothes







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Like their ever-fashionable paw-rents, Kathryn and Daniel's babies are well-styled too. Based on their photos, the two style them up depending on the mood or occasion, such as festive colors for the holidays and bright colors for vacations.

Since the cold weather is fast approaching, it's best to dress them up depending on the weather in the country.

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Of course, your babies deserve the best treats too! Apart from giving them their wet and dry food on a daily basis, reward them with treats from time to time. Observe what they enjoy best, whether it's the chewy ones or for their daily oral care, so you can keep repurchasing the ones that make them smile!

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