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10 year secret: How to make a relationship last, according to Kathryn and Daniel

From learning how to compromise to the power of forgiveness #10YearsOfKathNiel #KathNielAt10 #TheHowsOfKathNiel

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/4/2021 in News
 10 year secret: How to make a relationship last, according to Kathryn and Daniel

They say love is a choice. And for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, it's a choice they made to stay for better and for worse.

And in celebration of their 10th anniversary as a love team, we've compiled some of the best advice and lessons we learned from the reel-and-real life couple, the ~secrets~ we believe are the formula why they lasted this long:

They take conflicts as opportunities to grow



A post shared by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp)




A post shared by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp)


Conflicts often end in breakups when not handled well — but not for Kathryn and Daniel. For them, they treat conflicts as opportunities to grow and understand each other more.

"Wala namang perpektong relasyon na hindi kayo nag-aaway. And parang kailangan mong pagdaanan ‘yun para mas makilala niyo pa ang isa’t isa lalo, para mas malaman niyo pa kung gaano niyo kamahal ang isa’t isa. And pagsubok ‘yan na kailangan muna lagpasan para lalo kayo mag-grow," Daniel said during the "Can't Help Falling in Love" press conference in 2017.

They know how to compromise

Pride isn't in Kathryn and Daniel's vocabulary. In the past eight years of their relationship (and 10 as a love team), they learned how compromise is essential in making things work.

"Tamang balanse lang. 'Yung pag-compromise ng isang relasyon. 'Yung pagbibigay ng oras, pagkakaintindihan, hindi pwedeng pataasan, hindi pwedeng pagalingan kayo. Dapat kayo ay nagtutulungan, dapat sabay kayong natututo. Hindi pwedeng paligsahan ang isang relasyon," Daniel said during "The House Arrest of Us" media conference last January.

They give each other time and freedom







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Something truly admirable about KathNiel is how they let one another explore friendships, passions, and even themselves on their own. They have fostered different friendships over the years, they have flourished in their own passions, and they have become better persons for giving each other their own time and freedom.

In a recent interview with Boy Abunda, Daniel said, "Just give each other time. Like me, kakagaling ko lang ng Boracay. Binigyan niya ako ng time with my friends at saka kapatid ko. Ganun lang, bigyan natin ng oras din ‘yung mga sarili natin… 'wag natin sakalin ang isa’t-isa."

They give room for individual growth



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While they are a love team and a couple, Kathryn and Daniel acknowledge the fact that they, too, are individuals. They give room for each other to grow and prosper in their individual careers — from vlogging, to movies, to music — and support each other's back in every endeavor.

They share and celebrate each other's success







As Kathryn said in a message she penned for Daniel in 2019, "Your success is mine; my success is yours."

As much as they support each other's individual careers, they also celebrate one another's success. From enduring the struggles to celebrating the wins, they are present in every milestone and achievement.

They forgive



A post shared by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp)


Above all, learn how to forgive.

No relationship is perfect. And for Kathryn and Daniel, forgiveness plays a huge role in making their relationship last.

“Si Kathryn, pinatawad ako. Nagkamali ako before. I was a kid. I was stupid, ‘di ba? And still, tinanggap niya ako at tinanggap niya ako nang buo," Daniel said in a recent interview with Boy Abunda.

Happy 10th anniversary, KathNiel! 💙

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