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WATCH: Andrea Brillantes reacts to being called 'suplada,' 'retokada'

Andrea is often called “maldita” but is she really? 🤔

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/30/2021 in News
WATCH: Andrea Brillantes reacts to being called 'suplada,' 'retokada'

We’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge the book by its cover” time and time again, but no one is immune to wrong assumptions about their character and lifestyle. Even celebrities! Real talk: especially them.

On her vlog released last Saturday, September 25, Andrea Brillantes faced assumptions made about her by fans and viewers in a vlog called “Reading Your Assumptions About Me.”

The first assumption she addressed is that she’s a “mean girl” at school, to which Andrea responded: “Ako actually ang sobrang loser sa school.” Shocker!

“Bakit kasi akala niyo sobrang totoo nung pagka-Marga ko. Actually hindi. Ako 'yung sinasampal sa school dati.” Andrea referred to her on-screen character in “Kadenang Ginto.”

Andrea recalls being called “higad” because of her signature bushy brows and "pandak" as she's the smallest in class.

The next assumption she read was about her appearance, specifically that she’s “retokada," and Andrea actually took that as a compliment.

“Hindi po ako retokada pero thanks for thinking that. Ibig sabihin may maganda sa mukha ko para isipin niyo na retokada ako,” Andrea said before showing her baby pictures for a then-and-now comparison.

As for the most common assumption made about the “Huwag Kang Mangamba” actress, she is one to get negative comments that she’s “maldita” and “suplada.”

Andrea admitted: “Feeling ko kasi meron lang akong resting beep face madalas.”

“Inayos ko 'yun actually. Dati kasi sobrang mahiyain ako. Kasi nga ‘di ba ako ‘yung laging di pinapansin. Ako lagi 'yung nasa sulok lang. Ako laging binu-bully. So hindi ako namamansin ng mga tao kasi feeling ko lahat sila aawayin lang ako.”

According to her, comments like those have inspired her to work on her typically misinterpreted shy personality.

You can watch the rest of Andrea’s video below:

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