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WATCH: 'He's Into Her' stars test their creativity in 'Dugtungan' challenge

Tag mo 'yung kaibigan mo na ang likot ng utak pagdating sa pagbuo ng kwento! 😂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/3/2021 in News
WATCH: 'He's Into Her' stars test their creativity in 'Dugtungan' challenge

If there's one thing in common among the "He's Into Her" stars is that they are all down when it comes to crazy and fun ideas.

Take their "Dugtungan" challenge for instance, where they had to come up with situations that will lead to an interesting story. For the plot, the "He's Into Her" cast went on a camping trip when the bus they're riding suddenly broke down in the middle of nowhere.

The continuation started out pretty good as Ashley Del Mundo continued it, but things got quite confusing when Gello Marquez suddenly came up with an interesting plot twist.

"'Di ba na-stranded kami, may something na weird sa gubat na 'to. Parang meron siyang portal between two worlds, doon pala 'yung portal sa parallel universe," he narrated.

Since the story took an unusual turn, Criza Taa had a cute violent reaction saying, "Hindi ganyan gusto kong mangyari, eh. Palitan mo 'yan! Nanggigigil ako sa'yo!"

Still, Criza decided to continue the story by adding more and more plot twists, which Donny Pangilinan continued with yet another plot twist. Even the stars couldn't keep up with how the plot is already going.

Curious about how the story ended? Watch their full game below!

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