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4 celebrity parents who sent their kids to study abroad

Sharon, Aga, Ruffa, and Ina are proud parents to these strong, independent kids!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/28/2021 in News
4 celebrity parents who sent their kids to study abroad

It's a different joy for parents to see their once-little bundles of joy growing up to be the strong, independent persons they are. 

But as much as they're happy to see their growth, it's always bittersweet for them when they have to part ways for long periods of time. Take these celebrity parents' experiences for example, when they had to send off their beloved kids to study abroad:

Sharon Cuneta



Last August, Sharon broke down in tears when her daughter Frankie Pangilinan flew back to New York for college. The send-off happened just a day after they celebrated Senator Kiko Pangilinan's birthday in August, making the moment a bittersweet one for them.

Sharing a photo of them in an embrace, the Megastar shared how "deafening" the silence has been since Frankie left for the U.S.

"The silence in our home now is deafening. And my heart is at once lost and bawling over missing her and feeling her absence. The sadness around here now is palpable. This photo was taken last night during Kiko’s birthday dinner, during which Mama couldn’t really eat… and pretty soon, we were all shedding tears," part of her caption read.

Frankie started college in New York in 2019.

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez



A post shared by Aga Muhlach (@agamuhlach317)




The celebrity couple's twins Andres and Atasha officially entered college earlier this year, with the former studying in Spain and the latter in the United Kingdom. Their family had the chance to reunite during the twins' summer break.

But earlier this month, Aga and Charlene had to officially bid goodbye to them once again as they went back to Spain and in the UK.

Atasha even left a sweet surprise for their parents when she created a collage of their photos made out of polaroids.



A post shared by Aga Muhlach (@agamuhlach317)




Aga wrote, "Enjoy your college and independence. Continue to be the person that you are. God is with you, ALWAYS! As much as it breaks my heart and your mom’s that both you and Andres will be away for a long time, please know in your hearts that we are the happiest for you both . Have fun! Spread love and kindness! I love you very much, my little princess, and I will always miss you! Cheers to college life!”  

Ruffa Gutierrez





Ruffa and her bunso Venice sent off Lorin in college in the U.S. back in August. The 18-year-old is an incoming freshman at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

In one post, Ruffa and Venice personally dropped Lorin off on campus, as they temporarily bade goodbye.

"You’ve made us so proud as we’ve watched you grow up to be the beautiful, smart, hardworking young lady you are now.
Continue to persevere and live a life of purpose, service, and leadership. Focus on your studies. We love you so much and we will be missing you every single day. ❤️❤️❤️," Ruffa wrote in the caption.

Ina Raymundo

Ina now has a kid in college too! Her firstborn, Erika Poturnak, officially left for Boston, Massachusetts last August, and will be attending Berklee College of Music. 

The Poturnaks couldn't help but be emotional when they parted ways with their Ate Erika last month, which Ina shared in an Instagram post.



“It’s bittersweet to see my firstborn leave for college. Well, goodbye for now. We will miss you and your craziness. We love you, ate and we wish you all the best," she wrote. 

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