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10 celebrity baby boys and the meanings behind their names

These baby boys have the most interesting names!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/24/2021 in News
10 celebrity baby boys and the meanings behind their names

Celebrities usually come up with the most unique names for their babies, and oftentimes, they have an underlying meaning behind it. Some pay tribute to their loved ones, while others chose names for their deep meanings.

After breaking down the name meanings of celebrity baby girls in our first feature, we now listed down the possible origins of these celebrity baby boys’ names this time around:

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Severiano Elliott Soriano



Director Paul Soriano revealed in an interview with "TV Patrol" that his wife Toni Gonzaga let him decide what they'll name their first child.

"Toni trusted me with that. I chose the name Severiano because my favorite golfer is Severiano Ballesteros, a Spanish golfer. And then Elliot is from 'E.T.', from the lead character in 'E.T.' My favorite movie. The reason why I like films," he explained. 

Elias Modesto Cruz



Elias is the Greek form of the Hebrew name "Elijah" which means "the strong Lord" or "Jehovah is God," while Modesto originated from Latin meaning "gentle."

According to Smart Parenting, Modesto is also a tribute to Ellen's late father named Alan Modesto Adarna.

Amari Jaden Crawford



Even before Coleen Garcia got pregnant, Billy Crawford revealed in an interview with Vice Ganda that he had already come up with a name for their future child.

"Matagal na sa ulo ko ang Amari. Sabi ko lang sa kanya [kay Coleen] before pa, na kapag nagkaroon kami ng lalaki, gusto ko ipangalan Amari. Ni-research ko 'yung pangalan. Kapag babae, promised by God. Kapag lalaki naman, it means strength."

Meanwhile, Jaden means "thankful," which is exactly how Coleen and Billy feel about their son.

Jude Trevor Paterson



Jude is of Hebrew origin that means "praised," while Trevor is of English origin meaning "wise." 

Balthazar Gabriel Semblat



Originating from Greek, Balthazar means "Baal protects the King," while Gabriel is of Hebrew origin meaning "God Is My Strength."

Scott Knoa Young



In Scottish, Scott means "wanderer," while Knoa is of Hebrew origin meaning "peaceful."

Koa Alipayo



Koa is of Hawaiian origin that means "warrior" and "brave one."

Night Cruz



With Ryza Cenon being an actress and her partner Miguel Cruz a cinematographer, they often finish work late at night, that's why they believe it's apt to name their child after it to give it a whole new meaning.
“We want iyong salitang Night. Hindi basta word or part ng work namin, like kapag ginagabi ka na sa trabaho, iyong nakakapagod kapag iisipin."

“Ngayon mas makahulugan na iyong night namin kahit nasaan kami dahil sa kanya. Siya na ang magbibigay ng light sa night namin, always good Night,” Ryza explained in an interview with Pep.

Alfred Thor Burnand



Alfred is of English origin meaning "wise counselor," while Thor is of  Scandinavian origin that means "thunder."

Salem Gryk Cipriano



Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano picked a unique yet adorable name for their child, Salem Gryk. According to the couple, Salem means "peace" while Gryk is named after Chynna's late grandfather.






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