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CELEBRITY ZODIAC: 15 celebrities who are Libra

Pia, Robi, Janine + more celebrities who were born during Libra season

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/23/2021 in News
CELEBRITY ZODIAC: 15 celebrities who are Libra

Libra season has officially begun and we’re sending the best vibes to the artistic, peace-loving charmers under this air sign. If you’re born between September 23 and October 23, yes, we’re talking about you.

We could go on and on about how Libras, with their oozing charisma and knack for finding balance, are just the kind of people born to win at life, but we’ll just let these celebrities and their Libran qualities do the talking.

Pia Wurtzbach (September 24)



Pia is one proud Libra and why wouldn’t she be? She is living proof that Libras are masters of combining diplomacy, charm, and compassion to advocate for meaningful causes.

Leila Alcasid (September 24)



A post shared by Leila (@leilalcasid)


As Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, they are known to have a remarkable aesthetic eye and channel this into their creative work. Singer-songwriter Leila knows how to do just that.

Robi Domingo (September 27)



Robi exudes big Libra energy with his accommodating aura and tactful nature.

Denise Laurel (September 30)


The “The Unmarried Wife” actress keeps on captivating us with her big smile and sultry eyes on the screen, but her Libra light shines brightest as a loving mom to her son Davian Alejandro.

Janine Gutierrez (October 2)



With Janine on this list, we’re more sure than ever that Libras are a beautiful bunch. Janine’s charisma is out of this world! Just ask any of her 1.9 million followers on Instagram. And her dedication to her craft is something Libras are likely to give without hesitation.

Joseph Marco (October 4)



A post shared by Joseph Marco (@josephcmarco)


Joseph Marco is a class act and we think his zodiac sign has something to do with it. Libras are wired to succeed in their line of work by striving to keep the peace while forming meaningful social connections.

Maja Salvador (October 5)



A post shared by MAJA (@iammajasalvador)


Multi-hyphenate Maja is the exact definition of a Libra: extremely artistic and brings a particular ease to any stage she steps on. The way Maja pours herself in her career is perfectly leveled with how she blossoms in her personal life. Libras and their balanced lives, you guys. Sana all.

Korina Sanchez (October 5)



Represented by balance scales, Libras take justice seriously and work to achieve harmony. Korina Sanchez’s influence lies in possessing these qualities. Not only does she stand by fairness but she is also fueled by learning new things and socializing with people from different walks of life.

Joshua Garcia (October 7)



Every time we see Joshua smile, we have to convince ourselves he’s real. Joshua is the poster child of being blockbuster-worthy charismatic while also looking like someone who’s down to chill with you anytime. Classic Libra.

Sarah Lahbati (October 9)



A post shared by SLG (@sarahlahbati)


Being creative and charming is just half of the Libran equation. The other half is how Libras use these strengths for those they care about the most. Sarah makes sure her family is top priority and that her work is fueled by passion.

Nash Aguas (October 10)



Former child star Nash Aguas has fully stepped into his Libran destiny and looks ready to run for public office. It doesn’t get more Libra than that.

Erik Santos (October 10)



A post shared by eriksantos (@eriksantos)


Speaking of Libras being pros in overall sociability, Erik knows how to melt hearts with his signature singing style while knowing how to form lasting friendships in the industry.

Bea Alonzo (October 17)



A post shared by bea alonzo (@beaalonzo)


Love, friendship, and harmony are at the core of Libras. Thanks to Bea Alonzo’s Youtube channel which she coined her passion project, we have gotten to know way more about the “One More Chance” star. And it’s safe to say that seeing Bea blossom in her personal life is one of quarantine’s biggest pleasures.

Sam Concepcion (October 17)



Libras are meant to thrive in the arts, which is why it’s no surprise they become actors, dancers, and singers. Sam Concepcion is all of those… and more! A philanthropist at heart, Sam has also been a spokesperson and ambassador for many organizations.

Vina Morales (October 17)



A post shared by Vina Morales (@vina_morales)


The “Marry Me, Marry You” actress carries the reputation of Libras for being people-loving conversationalists that make it hard to explain why they’re just so magnetic. But we’re not complaining! We never want to see Vina off our screens, thanks very much.

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