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Mahal’s final moments detailed by companion

Mygz Molino suggests the death of Mahal’s father added to her pain

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/21/2021 in News
Mahal’s final moments detailed by companion

Mahal was silently grieving and alone in her room in the final moments leading to her death, according to her companion Mygz Molina. 

In a vlog, the indie actor shared what the comedienne, whose real name is Noemi Tesorero, went through from the passing of her father in August 5 to her untimely demise in August 31. 

Mahal’s father took his last breath in Metro Manila and as much as Mahal wanted to pay her respects to him, she wasn’t able to leave Batangas because of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. 

From then, Mgyz revealed Mahal became, “Tahimik at minsan bigla na lang magsasalita tungkol sa papa niya. Dinamdam ni Mahal ang pagkawala ng papa niya.” 

20 days after she lost her father, she began experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. She took meds like paracetamol and cough syrup, which Mgyz said helped ease them. 

Even after her symptoms went away, however, Mahal insisted on isolating herself in her room. “Inisip ko po talaga masyado lang niya pong dinamdam ang pagkawala ng papa niya, at ‘yun po ‘yung nakapagbigay sa kanya ng stress, pag-iisip niya.” 

But then after more than a week, her flu-like symptoms crept back in. She didn’t lose her sense of taste and smell, so they ruled out her having COVID-19. 

“Minsan nga po sinubukan na may ipakain sa kanya na hindi niya alam kung ano iyon. Nahulaan naman po niya. So, kampante po ako. Sabi ko nga po, hindi ito COVID,” Mygz recalled. 

Mahal received a medicine that helped her expel the phlegm, but it only did so little. The next day, she experienced difficulty breathing and that’s when they decided to take her to the hospital. 

Then Mygz said that just after a few hours, a doctor came up to them and delivered some sad news. “Nagsabi nga po yung doktor 50-50 na nga po si Mahal. That time po kasi, lutang na ako, hindi ko na po alam kung ano yung mangyayari. Ayoko naman pong mag-isip ng negative, eh. So, hindi ko po muna pinakinggan yung sinasabi ng doktor.” 

On the same day, Mahal was declared dead due to “severe acute respiratory distress syndrome, secondary to COVID-19.”

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