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10 celebrity baby girls and the meanings behind their names

Some of these babies' names have long histories behind them!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/21/2021 in News
10 celebrity baby girls and the meanings behind their names

We know how parents take their time to come up with the most beautiful name for their babies, but it's the story behind them that makes names even more interesting.

Whether it has something to do with their family history or a project dear to them, these stars have perfectly picked the ones suitable for their daughters. We also did a little digging of the origin of some of these names, and we instantly fell in love with their meanings:

1. Dahlia Amélie Heussaff


In an interview with G3 San Diego, Anne Curtis said their daughter Dahlia Amélie was named after two films.

“I really liked the name (Dahlia) because, of course, it was my first role for ‘Magic Kingdom’, Princess Dahlia. So it really meant so much to me. Love na love ko yung role na yan and I will forever be grateful for that role because it’s really what started everything for me," Anne shared.

Amélie, on the other hand, means “hard working" ⁠— a trait evident in the actress while she was pregnant, since she worked very hard filming "The Mall, The Merrier" while attending to her hosting duties on "It's Showtime."

But the ultimate sign Anne and Erwan Heussaff got was when the movie “Amelie” came on while they were watching TV on a casual day, and it's one of their favorites.

2. Maria Letizia Dantes


Dingdong Dantes revealed in an interview in 2015 with GMA News how he and wife Marian Rivera came up with Maria Letizia for their firstborn.

According to the actor, they wanted a name that has a connection to their family history.

“So 'yung grandmother ko, Letizia 'yung pangalan niya. Tapos meron din siyang [si Marian] Letizia doon sa side ng kanyang father."

“And 'yung Maria naman, lahat kasi ng babae sa family namin lahat may Maria, so gusto lang namin ituloy 'yung tradisyon. And at the same time, bilang isang Maria, 'yung salitang ugat or yung pangalang ugat [ni Marian] ay Maria rin. So, it makes sense to put those things together,” he explained.

3. Keliana Alohi "Lilo" Alipayo


Keliana, which is close to "Kalani" in Hawaiian, means sky or heavenly, while Alohi means shining and brillant.

Andi Eigenmann also fondly calls her daughter Lilo, which she said means "generous one" in Hawaiian.

4. Thylane Katana Bolzico



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Thylane could be based on the Vietnamese "Thi-Lân," which means "little wild orchid," while Katana is of Japanese origin meaning "sword."

5. Zoe Natalia Miranda



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Zoe is a Greek name meaning "life," while Natalia was derived from the Latin word natalis, meaning “birthday.”

6. Enola Mithi Aquino



A post shared by Carlo Aquino (@jose_liwanag)

Carlo Aquino shared in an interview with Darla Sauler how he and his partner Trina Candaza came up with their baby's unique name.

Enola actually came from Trina, which is “alone” spelled backwards.

“We want her to grow up very adventurous, independent,” Carlo said.

Mithi, on the other hand, came from him which is actually a tribute to his character’s love interest in a show from his younger years, “Pahina.”

7. River Aletheia Santos



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River is of English origin that means "Stream Of Water That Flows To The Sea," while Aletheia is a variation of the Greek name "Althaea" that may be related to "Althos" meaning "Healing."

8. Camilla Marguerite Panlilio


Originating from Latin, Camilla means "young ceremonial attendant" while Marguerite is of French origin that means "pearl" or "daisy."

9. Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra Ledesma


When Assunta De Rossi introduced her daughter Fiore on Instagram in 2020, the actress also shared the story behind her daughter's full name, which is Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra.

The first two names are actually a tribute to her great-grandparents on the paternal side.

Giulia, pronounced as Julia, is a tribute to her paternal great-grandfather, Don Julio.

Fiorentina is a tribute to her paternal great-grandmother, Doña Florentina aka their lola Puring.

Meanwhile, Alessandra is a tribute to her younger sister and their lola Alejandra. It also means "defender" or "protector" in Italian, which Assunta appreciates since she is their miracle baby.

10. Avianna Celeste Abrenica


Originating from Hebrew, Avianna means "Spring" while Celeste is based on the Latin word "Caelestis" which means "heavenly."





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