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KATHNIEL DECADE: 2019 with Kathryn and Daniel

From Japan to Morocco, KathNiel made so many memories as a couple in 2019! #10YearsOfKathNiel #TheHowsOfKathNiel #KathNielAt10

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/2/2021 in News
KATHNIEL DECADE: 2019 with Kathryn and Daniel

The past years have been nothing but magical for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

But in 2019, they proved they can take things up a notch while holding each other's hand, from travels to achieving milestones together.

Here's a look back to how 2019 went for KathNiel:

KathNiel became Japan's Travel Ambassadors

Japan has always been close to Kathryn and Daniel's hearts, so it's an instant yes for them when they were tapped to become Travel Ambassadors of the Japan National Tourism Organization. The two explored some famous spots in Hokkaido and Hiroshima while building memories in their favorite country together.

KathNiel celebrates 7th anniversary in Morocco

Their 7th anniversary as a couple was a special one as it marked their first celebration since they confirmed their relationship in 2018. The two celebrated it with a breathtaking trip to Morocco, where they served us their loveliest photos together.

Kathryn topbills "Hello, Love, Goodbye"

After "Three Words To Forever," Kathryn starred in yet another individual project titled "Hello, Love Goodbye," this time with Alden Richards. The movie proved that Kathryn was indeed the Phenomenal Box Office Queen, as the Cathy Garcia-Molina film was hailed as the highest grossing Filipino movie to date.

KathNiel stuns at the second ABS-CBN Ball

Perhaps their most stunning looks yet, KathNiel were truly headturners during the second ABS-CBN Ball. Kathryn dazzled in her fuchsia terno while rocking full bangs, which was complemented by Daniel's patterned blue suit over a barong.

KathNiel graces the first-ever Black Magic event

The first-ever Star Magic Halloween Party called the Black Magic kicked off in 2019 where Kathryn dressed up as DC Comics' Poison Ivy while Daniel wore a creepy human eye head mask. The two also won the Best Costume award that night!

KathNiel opens their first joint business venture

While they already have businesses of their own, the two decided to launch their business together, a barbershop called Barbero Blues.

"Kun Maupay Man it Panahon" starring Daniel was announced

Apart from Kathryn's "Hello, Love, Goodbye" success, Daniel was also announced to be part of an international collaboration titled "Kun Maupay Man It Panahon" ("Whether The Weather Is Fine") alongside Charo Santos-Concio and MNL48's Rans Rifol.

It's almost KathNiel's 10th anniversary! Watch out for our next features as we look back at the couple's memorable years together.

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