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Inigo Pascual to star in Fox musical drama ‘Monarch’

Inigo is the newest star of Fox!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/16/2021 in News
Inigo Pascual to star in Fox musical drama ‘Monarch’

For someone as freakishly talented as Inigo Pascual, we knew great things are only bound to happen. 

On Thursday morning, September 16, news site Deadline announced that the Kapamilya actor is part of the lead cast in an upcoming musical drama by Fox titled “Monarch”. 

It was revealed that Inigo will play 18-year-old Ace Grayson, a struggling country artist who dreams of following his grandfather’s footsteps. 

The “Boyette: Not A Girl Yet” star will star alongside Academy award-winner Susan Sarandon, Albie Roman, Beth Ditto, John Sasse, and Maegan Holder. 

Inigo celebrated the news with an Instagram post of his photo and a screengrab of the Deadline article. 

“THE NEWS IS OUT!!!” he wrote. “CRAZIEST BIRTHDAY. Sorry for keeping it for so long!!!” 



In 2017, Inigo was also tapped by Disney to sing the official Philippine version of the theme song of the hit animated film “Coco”.  

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