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WATCH: Kim Chiu reveals her ‘secret hideout’

Kim shares where she spends most of her time alone

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/15/2021 in News
WATCH: Kim Chiu reveals her ‘secret hideout’

For the first time ever, Kim Chiu gave her fans a tour of her condo, which she likes to call her “secret hideout” or her “home away from home”. 

Before revealing what’s inside of it, the “It’s Showtime” host explained that she has started to spend more and more time alone in this place. 

“Ishe-share ko sa inyo ang aking secret hideout. Sobrang liit lang talaga ng lugar na ‘to, kasi most of the time, ako lang talaga mag-isa dito. Tsaka dito ako nagmumuni-muni. Gusto ko home away from home, so ito ‘yung magiging lugar na ‘yun,” she shared. 

Kim also lives in a home with her family, but her sister, Lakam, didn’t like the idea of having too much pink when designing the house. So when Kim got to decide what would go in her own condo, she made sure to include all the pink she could get. 

The Kapamilya star got rose gold wallpapers, pink plates, pink chairs, and even a pink toaster. 

While in this pandemic, she was inspired to invest more on something that would last a really long time. So she decided to purchase the condo and turn it just how she wants it. 

“Ngayong quarantine kasi parang pina-realize sa atin na maganda pala sa bahay. Alis tayo nang alis, travel tayo nang travel, tira tayo nang tira sa ibang lugar, pero mas maganda pala mag-invest sa bagay na alam mong sa ‘yo. So hindi masyado magwawaldas sa mga bagay na mawawala rin naman agad,” said Kim. 

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