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10 times Kathryn and Daniel supported each other's individual projects

From his concerts to the All-Star Games, Kathryn is there to be Daniel's #1 cheerleader 💙

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/13/2021 in News
10 times Kathryn and Daniel supported each other's individual projects

There's nothing more beautiful than two people helping each other grow.

And in the case of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, we've witnessed how their relationship and careers grew, from working together as a love team to venturing into their own solo projects.

The best part of it all? They've supported one another in each individual project they had. Here are ten times they were each other's cheerleaders:

1. When Kathryn sang her favorite song from Daniel's new album

You know how much of a fan someone is of an artist's music when they know the lyrics by heart. In Kathryn's case, it was easy for her to sing her favorite song of Daniel's on the spot during their interview on "ASAP"!

2. When Daniel showed his support to Kathryn's self-titled debut album

When Kathryn ventured into music too and launched her self-titled debut album, Daniel was among the first to show his support to the actress.

"Kung ako 'yan bibili ako ng mga limang libo n'yan! Hindi kayo magsisisi," said Daniel in one of his interviews.

3. When Daniel was present at the opening of Kathryn's nail salon KathNails







Kathryn officially ventured into business in 2017 when she launched her nail salon business KathNails. Of course, Daniel was present during the launch, as well as at the opening of her other branches.

4. When Kathryn attended the ribbon cutting of Daniel's gastropub business

When it was Daniel's turn to finally open his gastropub business with fellow celebrity co-owners, Kathryn made sure to show her support to her partner. She was even part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony!

5. Kathryn being Daniel's cheerleader at the All-Star Games





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Kathryn has always been Daniel's #1 cheerleader at the Star Magic All-Star Games, no wonder he has been named as the MVP multiple times!

6. When Daniel attended the "Three Words to Forever" premiere



"Three Words to Forever" was Kathryn's first big-screen project without Daniel, but he still went all out to show his support to his girlfriend.

7. When Kathryn attended Daniel's comeback concert





In Daniel's past concerts, Kathryn would always appear as one of his special guests. But for "D4: Daniel Padilla Back at the Araneta," Kathryn became his #1 fan, sitting on the front seat where she got to be serenaded by the actor.

8. When Kathryn appeared on the "Mabagal" music video

While "Mabagal" is a collaboration between Daniel and Moira Dela Torre, Kathryn still found a way to support her boyfriend's new song, as she said agreed to be part of the music video.

She was also among those who celebrated the big win of the song at the Himig Handog 2019!



9. When Daniel lauded Kathryn's Box Office success

There wasn't anyone more proud of Kathryn's back-to-back box office success than her boyfriend and partner, Daniel. When asked for his reaction about this in one interview, he gushed with pride, "O, panis, nobya ko 'yan!"

10. When Kathryn cheered for Daniel's first virtual concert



Even during the new normal, Kathryn and Daniel still got each other's back! Kathryn was among the few who attended Daniel's virtual concert in person, and even held a surprise party for him after.



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