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Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford mark son Amari's first birthday

Baby Amari looks so happy with his colorful birthday cake! 🎂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/10/2021 in News
Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford mark son Amari's first birthday

In the past week, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford have been sharing some family snaps of them as they count down to their son Amari's first birthday.

And today, September 10, Baby Amari officially turned one! The proud parents took to Instagram to pen some heartwarming messages to celebrate their precious bundle of joy's first birthday.

For her part, Coleen wrote, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMARI! 🤍 We will never stop covering you in prayers and showering you with love, our beautiful baby boy. ✨"


“There are a lot of scary and negative things still going on in the world, but you have been our sunshine and ray of hope. We celebrate your life today and every day! Even though you didn’t really get to go around, meet people, and explore much of the outside world during your first year, we still found all kinds of ways to enjoy and live our best life together. And our hearts are always full. 🤍”

Coleen also reminded her son how he is surrounded by beautiful people and how loved he is even at such a tender age.

One day you’ll realize that there’s a whole world out there, but I hope these moments when it was just us will always stay in your very core. Be reminded that you are surrounded by people who love you, that you are appreciated, cherished and valued, and that all you really need is within reach. I look forward to watching you make all your dreams come true, and seeing the wonderful person you’ll become one day. But for now, you’re our little baby boy. And we will savor every minute of it. 🌟” she said.

Meanwhile, Billy reminded their son how he and Coleen will always be there for their beautiful little angel.


“To my little man, Happy 1st Birthday! You probably won’t remember this or just not pay any attention to our messages cause you’re still young. But I want you to know that no matter what the circumstances are, your mom and I will always lift you up when you’re down, comfort you when you’re uneasy, and love you until the world ends. My life changed when I married your mother, and our lives changed since God gave us a beautiful little angel. I love you my son, so much!” he wrote.

Happy birthday, Amari!

You can see more of Amari's first birthday shoot below:





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