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10 life quotes and lessons we learned from KathNiel

Feel like giving up? Take notes on these life lessons from Kathryn and Daniel themselves!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/10/2021 in News
10 life quotes and lessons we learned from KathNiel

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have been the epitome of love to their fans, but there are even more things the premier love team has taught us.

We gathered some of the greatest lessons the reel-and-real life couple has imparted us over the years, from striving for success to standing up for what you believe in:

On keeping your feet on the ground

KathNiel fans are witnesses to how down-to-earth this couple is. Even now that they are two of the biggest stars in the industry today, they have both kept their feet on the ground.

This is what Daniel has constantly reminded himself: "I always remind myself not to let fame get into my head." No matter what field or industry you're in, it's important to never let fame or success get into you.

On being a learner and listener

Life is a continuous learning process and Daniel has learned to pause and listen every now and then. He knows when to admit he still has to learn, and it's something we should practice as a student of life.

"'Di naman dapat nagmamagaling eh. Makinig ka lang at dapat alam mo sa sarili mo 'yung pakiramdam na, alam mo 'yung ginagawa mo 'yung tama, o nakakasakit ka ng ibang tao?"



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On dreaming big and not giving up

During her speech at the 35th PMPC Star Awards in 2019, Kathryn revealed that reached a point in her career when she started questioning her capacity as an actress.

But then, she learned how to trust the process and that not all things go the way you want them to, and that's only because there are even better plans in store for you.

"'Yung [tinuro] sa akin ng Universe is that life is not perfect, it doesn't always go the way you want it to, and itong award na 'to, this is a validation that true dedication really does pay off."



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Kathryn also emphasized how failure can be inevitable; what matters is how you try and try, and never give up.

"Napatunayan ko na, it's okay to not be okay sometimes, it's okay to get tired in the process, it's okay to fail kasi lahat 'yan parte ng journey natin. What's important is that you stand up and you try again, until you make your dreams into a reality."

"It's okay to dream big! Ang importante is that you try and try again, kahit mag-fail ka, just try again. And always remember that you'll always have a shot in making that dream come true.”

On learning to become independent

Kathryn admitted that it was only in recent years when she has fully learned to be independent. While there are people around you that can help and guide you, there's just a sense of fulfillment in doing things yourself.

"To be independent. I think, siguro. Lalo sa 'La Luna Sangre,' natutunan ko na bawal ka mag-depend sa anyone. It’s really just yourself, kung paano gagawin ’yung isang bagay, kung paano mo itatawid ’to sa gusto mong paraan. And wala, ’yung iba kasi, pwede ka nilang iwan, e. So nasa sa iyo na ’yun kung paano ’yong gagawin mo."

On helping and not expecting anything in return

Having experienced hardships on his own, Daniel knows how it is to struggle and eventually overcome challenges. This is what he constantly reminds everyone who is in that phase of their life.

"Namulat ako sa hirap ng buhay. Pero lahat 'yun, challenges in life. Lahat tayo, kahit 'di man pareho sa'kin, dadaan sa ganyan. But we can overcome them."

And when you have finally overcome hurdles, learn how to be of help to other people.

"Kapag tumutulong ka, hindi mo naman kailangan ng award, ’di ba? Hindi naman 'yun ang mahalaga. Hangga’t meron akong maitutulong, gagawin ko. Kaya ako, masaya talaga ako na nakatulong ako sa kanila at napasaya ko sila."

On standing up for what you believe in

In 2020, Kathryn and Daniel were among those who aired their sentiments following the ABS-CBN shutdown. Kathryn stressed the importance of speaking up for what you believe in, especially since it's our right as citizens of this country.

"Sa mga kabataan, sana huwag kayong matakot. Kasi kagaya niyo rin ako, natakot ako. Pero kung hindi kasi tayo magsasalita ngayon, sino? Tayo ‘yung magmamana ng Pilipinas, kaya may karapatan tayo,” said Kathryn.



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On putting yourself in the shoes of others

In another video Daniel made following the ABS-CBN shutdown, he stressed the importance of being aware of others' state. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see how it can affect you.

“Buksan ho natin ang mga puso natin para sa pinagdadaanan ng iba. At buksan natin ang mga mata natin para sa katotohanan. Mas mainam pa ang maging bulag kaysa sa nagbubulag-bulagan,” Daniel said.

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