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This Week on 'We Rise Together': ‘He’s Into Her’ love teams, Kean, Adrian + Quincy!

Here's why the ninth episode of "He's Into Her" is close to the hearts of the cast members

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/7/2021 in News
This Week on 'We Rise Together': ‘He’s Into Her’ love teams, Kean, Adrian + Quincy!

A "Pinoy Big Brother" alum, a well-loved Boys Love team-up, and trending love teams were the guests for this week’s “We Rise Together”!

Last August 2, we finally got to meet “Love at First Stream’s” Issa who will be played by “PBB: Connect” alum Quincy Villanueva. After more than a week of earning diamonds on kumu, Quincy emerged as the winner of the campaign.

Asked why she chose to join the campaign, Quincy said her fans encouraged her to do so.

“This is my first-ever campaign since I left 'PBB' house and parang may mga supporters lang talaga na [they] really wanted me to join the campaign because they know I'm very hesitant. So they just dropped virtual gifts and they really pushed me and they gave me the confidence na they will have my back,” she said.

Quincy also said she wouldn’t let this rare opportunity slip by to work with Blockbuster Director Cathy Garcia-Molina.

“It's the very first collaboration of kumu and Star Cinema, sino ba namang hihindi sa once in a lifetime opportunity with the one and only Cathy Garcia-Molina,” she gushed.

Watch the full episode here:

Keann Johnson and Adrian Lindayag, the stars of upcoming series “Love Beneath Stars,” joined the August 4 episode as they teased about what fans can expect from the sequel to the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “The Boy Foretold by the Stars.”

Since the series will delve into their relationship now that they’re officially a couple, the two said they related to their characters Dominic (Adrian) and Luke (Keann) on who they are as partners.

“Ako nakaka-relate din ako sa kanya kasi marami rin akong pangarap sa buhay. Ganun si Dominic. Lahat ng actions niya doon naka-dedicate. Parang everything he does sa bawat araw leading up to future. Saka ang faithful niya. Parang ako may ganun din akong faith sa destiny ko naman,” Adrian shared.

In terms of having experienced heartbreaks in the past, Adrian said, “Hindi specific na ganun na nangyari pero siyempre nakailan na rin tayong heartbreaks in life.”

Meanwhile, Keann said he’s the total opposite of his character Luke when it comes to handling relationships and heartbreaks.

“The way I handle kasi ‘yung heartbreaks, a bit different to Luke kasi ako, for example in the movie, Luke chose to ignore the problems in the relationship. But if that was me, I would face it head on. Kasi the more you ignore the problem, the bigger it will get,” he said.

“Love Beneath the Stars” will premiere on iWantTFC this August 16, with new episodes every Monday.

Watch the full episode here:

A week after the successful finale episode of "He's Into Her," four of the show's love teams graced the August 6 episode as they reminisced their memories together.

The cast were also asked about their favorite episodes, and most of them had the same answers.

Belle Mariano and Criza Taa answered the first episode, although episodes nine and 10 were also popular choices.

"[Episode] one kasi naalala ko 'yung thrill watching it. Hala ito pala 'yung buhay ni Max nung nasa Mindoro siya. Tapos 'yung sa nine and 10, gusto ko lang talaga 'yung roller coaster of emotions," Belle shared.

Agreeing with Belle, Criza said, "Sa episode one, doon pinakilala lahat, 'yung excitement po ng tao. Doon nag-start lahat ng story. Kumbaga doon siya nanggaling, kung paano iikot 'yung story malalaman mo sa episode one."

Meanwhile, Donny Pangilinan, Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, Joao Constancia, Ashley Del Mundo, and Gello Marquez picked episodes nine and 10 as their favorites since it's where everything finally fell into place.

"Siguro episode nine," Donny said. "I just realized sobrang daming emotions. Parang doon mo talaga na-feel lahat ng commotion...the build-up from one to eight and then nine and 10 is like boom-boom-boom. Doon nag-start making sense, the confrontations. Maganda rin 'yung 10 siyempre. Nine and 10."

Joao, on the other hand, personally loved the ninth episode since it showed a side of men that is often seen as a weakness.

"May isang scene na tumatak talaga, 'yung ayaw pa mag-open up ni Deib kay Max. Parang doon tumatak sa'kin na we boys should be able to express ourselves, talk about it, be open, and not be judged about it. We don't have to act all tough porket lalaki," he said.

Missing the squad? You can rewatch all 10 episodes of "He's Into Her" on iWantTFC for free!

Watch the full episode here:

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