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Here's where you can buy BTS' favorite snacks

They're all available online and for an affordable price!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/6/2021 in News
Here's where you can buy BTS' favorite snacks

Korean idols are known to follow strict diets, but on their cheat days, they snack on their favorite foods too. The worldwide sensation BTS is no exception, and the members have been spotted many times eating chips, sodas, and more, that make fans want to try them out.

Thanks to online shopping platforms, you can now get hold of some of BTS' favorite snacks that are perfect while watching their shows and guestings:

Honey Butter Chips

Honey Butter Chips have pretty much been a craze in South Korea for years now, but it was only when it was made available in the Philippines that most of us got to get hold of them. And if you're a solid ARMY, you do know how much the members have been spotted several times eating this savory treat!

Shop the honey butter chips here.


Jin has been spotted several times drinking this carbonated drink that he can already pass as an endorser of it. In case you're wondering what it tastes like, it's pretty much like a soda with a hint of milk flavor.

Shop Milkis here.

Banana Milk

Jungkook's love for banana milk traces back to as early as their rookie days, and up until now, his obsession for it is still going strong. Every ARMY knows how much he loves this drink, and that it has inspired memes among the community.

Shop the banana milk here.

Pocky Ultra Slim

While Pepero is a favorite among K-netizens, Pocky seemed to be more of BTS' cup of tea. In one of Jungkook's V Live's, he was spotted eating the Ultra Slim variant in particular, which is a chocolate-flavored Pocky in a thinner cut.

Shop Pocky Ultra Slim here.

Samyang noodles

Koreans ate known for their love for instant ramen and spicy noodles, and BTS are no exception. Just last year, ramen exports have skyrocketed internationally according to Koreaboo and they think Jimin played a huge role in these sales with him being spotted numerous times eating the fire noodles in videos.

Shop Samyang noodles here.

Shop more Korean snacks on Lazada here!

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