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WATCH: Kuya Kim Atienza breaks into laughter during ‘TV Patrol’ report

Kuya Kim Atienza trends after taking on Gretchen Fullido’s dare

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Star Cinema Admin

8/6/2021 in News
WATCH: Kuya Kim Atienza breaks into laughter during ‘TV Patrol’ report

Whoever said weather reports are boring clearly has never seen Kuya Kim Atienza do it.

The weather anchor likes to sneak in interesting facts in between his segments on “TV Patrol” and does it so smoothly. The episode aired on Thursday night, August 5, however, is a whole different story.

Kuya Kim trended on Twitter after breaking into laughter during his weather report and chuckled his way through his “Kaunting Kaalaman” bit.

Netizens found it hilarious to see him trying hard to go on despite what’s happening and a lot more wondered the real reason why.

Good thing, “TV Patrol” entertainment news reporter Gretchen Fullido had the full behind-the-scene story and shared it on Instagram.

In the video she uploaded after the episode aired, Gretchen spoke to the camera about the dare she and Kuya Kim just agreed upon.

“Guys, dinare ko si Kuya Kim sa ‘TV Patrol’ na magsabi na word na ‘tinapay’ sa weather report niya. Wala ‘yun sa weather report, pero magagawa kaya ni Kuya Kim na sabihin ang ‘tinapay’ sa ’TV Patrol’? ‘Sisiw’, ah? Abangan natin!” she said.

The two then walked to the set and Kuya Kim told some crew members what’s about to happen. But Gretchen made sure the rest of them knew that, “Hindi kita dinare, dinare mo ‘yung sarili mo. Sabi niya, ‘I-dare mo ‘ko.’ O edi, dinare ko!”

Kuya Kim even assured Gretchen that the report would still go well. “At hindi masisira ang essence ng balita. Maganda pa din ang dating!” he said in full confidence.

During his actual report, Kuya Kim announced that rain in several areas in the country should be expected in the coming days. He took it as a chance to remind everyone planning to go out and get vaccinated during this period to bring an umbrella and a snack like, you guessed it, “tinapay.”

“Para sa mga lalabas para magbakuna, magbaon po tayo ng payong at magdala po tayo ng pagkain kagaya po ng tinapay, para hindi po tayo magutom sa paghihintay natin,” said Kuya Kim and seconds later, the giggling started.

After the episode wrapped up, Kuya Kim and Gretchen headed backstage and ran into news anchor Noli de Castro.

Kuya Kim told him right away, “Ginugulo ako. Pinapatawa ako nito.”

But Gretchen protested saying she didn’t try to make him laugh. “Wala akong ginagawa dun, tawang-tawa siya sa sarili niya.”

At the end of the video, Gretchen spoke again to the camera to give a summary of what happened. She also hoped that it would bring everyone who’s watching some joy as NCR enters ECQ yet again.

“Nairaos naman ni Kuya Kim ‘yung tinapay, subalit ‘yung kanyang trivia ay major-major laugh trip. At kahit naka-lockdown tayo, ulit-ulitin niyo na lang ‘to panoorin,” said Gretchen.


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