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EXCLUSIVE: All the kilig and fun at the 'He's Into Her: The Benison Ball'

From DonBelle's duet to the kilig-inducing performances of the love teams, here's everything you might have missed from #TheBenisonBall!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/6/2021 in News
EXCLUSIVE: All the kilig and fun at the 'He's Into Her: The Benison Ball'

With the presence of the whole "He's Into Her" cast, the people behind the camera who made it possible, and the love and support of over 30,000 viewers from all over the world, the Benison Ball was indeed a huge success!

Hosted by the BearKada Milo Elmido, Shanaia Gomez, Jae Miranda, and River Joseph, the show was nothing short of fun, entertaining, and kilig with all the performances they prepared for the viewers. The lucky VIP ticket holders also got to virtually meet the stars at the concert.

The ever gorgeous and talented guests Jayda, Gigi De Lana and the Gigi Vibes band, JC Alcantara, SAB, and BGYO also made the night more memorable as they serenaded not just the viewers, but also the cast members.

The show's lead stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano truly served so much talent and kilig in the concert as Donny sang his version of "He's Into Her's" theme song, while Belle sang a beautiful rendition of Moira Dela Torre's "We and Us." Of course, a special DonBelle duet also happened, as they sang "Sigurado" together.

Sparks also flew between the equally beautiful and talented love teams, Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel, Criza Taa and Joao Constancia, and Ashley Del Mundo and Gello Marquez, with their performances together with Jeremiah Lisbo and DonBelle.

Vivoree, Limer Veloso, Dalia Varde, Melizza Jimenez, and Sophie Reyes also showed their dancing prowess with their performances.

Scroll through to see more nakaka-happy and kilig-filled photos from the ball!

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