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WATCH: Joao Constancia weighs in on importance of self-love

Joao Constancia reveals the easiest way to cheer him up when he’s feeling down

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/4/2021 in News
WATCH: Joao Constancia weighs in on importance of self-love

Don’t be fooled by Joao Constancia’s bad boy exterior, because deep inside, he’s a softboi through and through.

We got to see this side of the “He’s Into Her” actor when he gamely answered 25 questions in an exclusive interview with Star Cinema.

Our hearts melted when he got asked about how a person could cheer him up when he’s down and he said this, “A person can just listen to me, comfort me. But just by just being there for me and listening to my problems or whatever I’m through, that’s enough for me.”

With that answer, you may think Joao is an easy-going guy and you’re absolutely right. In fact, his dream date is only made up of whatever would make his future other half happy.

“For me it’s always about what she wants, kasi I wanna make her happy. I wanna make sure she’s enjoying whatever she’s doing, so I think for me whatever you like,” he explained.

Joao really seems like the type of guy who’d do anything for a loved one, but he also knows how important self-love is.

He learned this when he was younger and he has been holding on to this lesson ever since. “Best advice I’ve ever received [was] from my ninang. Sabi niya, ‘’Pag magmamahal ka, love 70% of yourself and 30% to the other person.’ Para when you lose the other person, you only lose 30% of that. At least you don’t lose 100% of yourself.”

Love is a tricky, fragile thing not to be messed with and before saying those three big words to anyone, Joao thinks you should check yourself first.

“I feel like you have to take time whenever you’re gonna say I love you. Make sure that he or she is the right person at sigurado ka na sa feelings mo,” he shared.

As for him, he’s only gonna say to someone that fits his ideal type with these three qualities: “Honesty, loyalty, and very understanding. Non-negotiable.”

Find out more about Joao in the full video:

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