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WATCH: Donny Pangilinan gets serious in sit-down Q&A

Simple, athletic, and with a sense of humor. Baka ikaw na ang dream girl ni Donny! 👀

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/4/2021 in News
WATCH: Donny Pangilinan gets serious in sit-down Q&A

Often described by his "He's Into Her" co-stars as someone very approachable and full of energy, Donny Pangilinan does have a serious side that we don't usually see.

But we got to see more of this in a sit-down interview with the actor as he answered questions about life and love in general.

Of course we know how curious you are about his dream girl, and Donny immediately answered that it's someone "simple" and has a "sense of humor."

But he dished out another quality he said he doesn't usually mention — a girl who has an athletic side.

"Ito hindi ko sinasabi 'to pero kailangan...hindi naman kailangan pero plus points [kapag] may athletic side siya," he revealed. "Kasi cool lang kung makakatakbo kami together. Basketball, soccer, whatever they do. It's just cool when they're up and about. When they're active."

And even though he comes from a prominent family, Donny enjoys the simple things in life. Take his dream date for example: he just wants to spend the time by the beach; nothing too grand.

"Gusto ko talaga 'yung beach. I am very much into the beach compared to the city. Everytime I'm in the beach, I'm just relaxed. Maybe a beach trip or road trip somewhere. Just watch the stars, sunset, sunrise. Simple lang. 'Wag 'yung masyadong grand. The simpler, the better," he shared.

There's a lot more you'll find out about Donny that you surely don't want to miss! You can watch his full interview below:

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