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KC Concepcion starts hunt for California apartment

KC Concepcion is happy to go grocery shopping “freely” again!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/3/2021 in News
KC Concepcion starts hunt for California apartment

KC Concepcion has decided to extend her stay in U.S. and has started to look for a place where she can stay for long.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress revealed that she’s “staying longer” and now “apartment hunting”.



She also added in the comments section, “Do you have a place I can move to in five days time? I mean three days, weekend counted. Lol.”

KC flew to the U.S. last June after over a year of not travelling due to the pandemic. There, she has been enjoying time with friends and some “me-time.”

She posts about missing the Philippines from time and time, especially her dogs she didn’t get to bring.

“Missing my home, Churro & Chica, fam and friends in the Philippines. But also grateful for whatever I have in front of me here,” she wrote in another post.



Being in the U.S., where COVID restrictions are lighter, has reminded KC how much she longed for doing things “freely”.

She shared, “Going to the grocery here in America feels bittersweet, because for so long throughout this pandemic, many of us avoided crowded areas, supermarkets, shops. Memories of panic buying keep flashing back!!! Thankful that mundane things can feel leisurely again, rather than a survival activity or life-or-death thing”

“Things are back to ‘normal’ here, with precautions here & there. But being able to move around calmly + freely is something I’ll never ever take for granted,” said KC.

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