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WATCH: ‘He’s Into Her’ boys test how well they know each other

Did Donny, Jeremiah, Joao, Rhys, and Gello pass the Bearfriends Challenge?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/27/2021 in News
WATCH: ‘He’s Into Her’ boys test how well they know each other

Donny Pangilinan, Jeremiah Lisbo, Joao Constancia, Rhys Miguel, and Gello Marquez’s knowledge about each other was put the test! 

The “He’s Into Her” co-actors took on Star Cinema’s “Bearfriends Challenge” for another episode of “He’s Into Her: EXTRAS”. 

They asked one another questions about themselves to find out which among the other guys would get it right. 

Donny asked what his favorite impressions are and while some answers were right, Gello’s guess was the most accurate, which was, “Umay bano.” 

The “James and Pat and Dave” star explained he often says this while playing “Mobile Legends”. 

“Trash-talker po kami sa ‘Mobile Legends’, lahat po ng trash talk, kaya minsan namu-mute na lang ‘yung sarili namin, eh,” he quipped. 

Jeremiah asked what he’s most passionate about and the others said, acting, growth, and fitness, and they were all right. 

Joao wondered if his buddies know how many girlfriends he’s had and everyone knew he’s had three. 

Rhys, on the other hand, tested if they know what type of girl he likes or what he’s looking for in a girl. He got “mabait”, “Asian beauty”, “humor”, and “easy-going,” which he agreed to. 

Then the other four all had the same answer when Gello asked them what his ultimate dream is, which is to have his own house. 

Gello shared, “Kasi nangungupahan po kami ngayon, eh. Gusto ko po ng sariling bahay.” 

In the end, the boys barely got anything right about each other, but Donny said their “relationship goes beyond” these small details. 
Jeremiah appreciated the game and said, “Yung maganda mas nakilala pa namin yung isa’t isa.” 

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