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Kiko Estrada sets record straight about Devon Seron, Heaven Peralejo

Kiko Estrada defends girlfriend Heaven Peralejo, clarifies “overlapping” allegations

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/25/2021 in News
Kiko Estrada sets record straight about Devon Seron, Heaven Peralejo

Kiko Estrada finally broke his silence about his breakup with Devon Seron and his current relationship with Heaven Peralejo.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, the actor clarified that there was no “overlapping” that happened between these two relationships, as he “split” with Devon on Valentine’s Day of 2021 and only started dating Heaven on May 30.

The actor admitted that he and Heaven started talking two months prior they became a couple, but said, “We were still not together at this point. We were just talking, trying to get to know each other. We were formed through the adversity, through the hardships. Through the issue, we became closer. I would never expect magiging kami in any way or form whatsoever.”

Both he and Heaven starred in the series "Bagong Umaga."

His two-year relationship with Devon did not end on a positive note, but reiterated that there was no third party involved. “It was not a good breakup, but it was a breakup.”

He added, “If you want to blame something on me, it’s that I moved on fast and I don’t think it’s my fault. Sino bang hindi gustong mag-move on sa nakaraan? Who doesn’t wanna find happiness kung malungkot ka?”

While he said that he and Devon are “civil” now, her sister has been allegedly sharing cryptic posts targeted at him and Heaven. Kiko addressed this by saying, “I respect their whole family. And I know they’re hurt with what happened, and I’m sorry if I hurt them as a family. I never intended to. I just hope they stop. I just hope they move on.”

When asked if he wants to reach out to Devon, Kiko answered, “I have no inclination, I just wish her the best. I want to see her happy, I want to see her good in life. Healthy. I want to see her with a big smile. Kahit mag-nod siya sa akin, at mag-nod ako sa kanya, that’s good enough for me. It might not be a good breakup, we might not talk that much, we might not be friends, but I wish her the best. Genuinely, I wish her the best. She deserves it.”

“Sometimes you are meant to love people, but not to be with them,” he continued.

Kiko shared he had no plans of coming out with an explanation and initially decided to just let the issue “fade,” but after receiving so much heat since they went public with their relatioship, he figured he should “stand up” for both himself and Heaven.

“Marespeto ako sa past, sa future, sa present in any way. I don’t really talk about my private, pero this is going overboard na kasi. Parang I just want them to know the truth and to know the specific timeline from me.”

He understands that there will always be bashers, but thought that there should be a limit. He revealed that accusations being thrown have taken a toll on them.

“Seeing the person you love hurt by lies or fabricated truth, it takes a man to stand up to tell what really happened. Nakakalungkot lang I had to reach this point to tell the truth kasi mahirap naman na taong mahal mo nakikita mong malungkot.”

Kiko then enumerated what’s being said about them, “They say I am a cheater. I am not a cheater. [They say] Heaven is a third party. She is not a third party. There’s nothing like that that happened.”

If there’s any truth to these, he said he would’ve just kept quiet. But he wanted to clear things up once and for all. “Kung totoo, tatanggapin ko. Like, we have to live with it because it’s the truth, and the truth will set you free. But this is not the truth. This is something they would want to believe. They would want to point and say that I’m the bad guy, or she’s the bad girl. Sa teleserye o sa pelikula kailangan may kontrabida, so I guess that’s what they want. I’m just here to explain and clarify.”

Heaven still manages to smile amidst all the drama, according to Kiko. However, he knows that she “cries to herself” and has been suffering a lot.

“She’s really hurt. She’s really hurt. Emotionally, mentally, physically. Down na down siya. She’s depressed. There’s always going to be bashing, but may limit, e. Tao rin tayo. She’s handling this the best that she can. She’s just really depressed right now. She might give a smile, but behind that smile, she’s not okay.”

In the end, he just hopes people would show them respect and they start to see Heaven for who she really is.

“What I see is a good, kind, loving, beautiful, generous girl. That’s what she is and she is misunderstood.”

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