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The most emotional scenes in 'She's Dating The Gangster' that made us cry

That Kenji (Richard Gomez) and Athena (Dawn Zulueta) reunion in the present timeline gets us every time 😢

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/24/2021 in News
The most emotional scenes in 'She's Dating The Gangster' that made us cry

"She's Dating Gangster" had so many emotional scenes from start to finish, but there are particular scenes in the film that made even the stars and crew themselves get carried away while shooting.

In the fifth episode of "Secret Movie Files," Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, director Cathy Garcia-Molina, and the rest of the team recalled some of these scenes and shared how they were shot:

The heartwarming Mayon scene

The scene where Kenji (Daniel) brought Athena (Kathryn) to Mayon was so beautifully shot that some viewers thought it was just CGI.

Director Dan Villegas, who was the cinematographer of the film, then recalled what they went through just to get that perfect shot.

"Inaantay talaga namin mag-side light 'yung araw dun sa Mayon. So talagang naka standby na kami nun. As in madilim pa lang, naka-ready na 'yung camera, naka-anggulo na. Tapos nung sumilip na 'yung araw, nag-side light, nakita naman na galing sa horizon 'yung araw. So ayun game na 'yun. Less than 30 minutes lang 'yung good light," he shared.

Kathryn also felt that the stars aligned for them to get that miracle shot.

"Sobrang nakisama 'yung Mayon. Usually 'di raw yan nagpapakita ng full eh, tapos parang pinagbigyan lang kami ng ilang minutes. Then after na kunan 'yan, may mga fog na ulit around the Mayon. So ang galing na nakisama lahat, 'yung universe and all to make this scene work," she said.

The CharDawn reunion

"She's Dating The Gangster" made the Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta reunion possible, and they portrayed the Kenji and Athena in the present timeline.

According to Direk Cathy, she couldn't think of a more perfect actor to play the present Kenji than Richard.

"Noong naghahanap ng Tatay for Daniel Padilla, parang nobody comes closer than Richard Gomez - kulay, tindig, tangkad, and hilig mag-basketball, parang siya ‘yung pinakamalapit," she said.

Meanwhile, Dawn is also just as perfect for the role, that the slow-mo moment between her and Richard when Athena and Kenji finally met again only took ONE take.

"Dawn Zulueta is Dawn Zulueta! Ang hirap sabihing take two, ang hirap sabihin, 'Ms. Dawn pwede bang ganito? Pwedeng ganyan?' Alam niyo naman ako when it comes to acting I am very hands-on, I have specific [visions{ in my head of how they should be delivered. So in fairness naman kay Dawn, nandoon naman 'yung respeto so she was like, 'Direk like this ba?' so sabibihin 'Yes! Yes!' o kaya 'Ibaba mo nang kaunti, okay lang ba?' Ganyan," Direk Cathy recalled.

When Athena "slept" in Kenji's arms

Did you know that Richard actually directed some parts of the film?

Direk Cathy revealed that she wasn't able to direct the first part of the ending since she had to also attend to the editing of the movie. She then asked Richard if he could sub for her and direct the initial parts, to which he happily agreed.

"I had to be at two places at the same time. I had to edit kasi kailangan ko rin ipasa ang ibang part but I had to shoot the ending also, 'yung magkikita na sila present Athena at Kenji sa may balkonahe," she recalled.

"So what I said, 'Richard can you direct the scene? Can you direct some shots of  my film para lang matapos? Darating ako to finish it but ikaw magsimula.' Richard was positive about it and sabi 'Game, sure. Okay!'"

And while shooting that part, Direk Dan said that he couldn't even keep track of what he's filming since he was crying.

"Eto 'yung eksena na naiyak ako, 'yung tinulak. Naalala ko nun nakasilip ako dun tapos 'yung paglabas, tumulo 'yung luha ko nun. 'Di ko na nakikita 'yung mga shot ko pati yung ibang crew naiyak din," he revealed.

Associate Producer Leo Garcia also agreed, and recalled how the emotional moment affected the rest of the staff.

"'Yung mga boys namin minsan sila yung gauge namin kung effective 'yung scene eh. 'Yang scene na 'yan tanda ko 'yung sinasabi ni Dan umiyak siya eh, tapos umiyak din yung mga boys," he said.

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