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WATCH: Angel Locsin, Neil Arce give tour of their new home

Angel Locsin reveals the things she kept from her wedding!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/23/2021 in News
WATCH: Angel Locsin, Neil Arce give tour of their new home

It took them a while, but Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have finally moved into their new home!

After scouting for one, they’ve found the house that’s perfect for the both of them and their future family.

In a recent vlog, the newlywed couple explained why they chose it.

“Baka kasi iniisip nila, ‘pag artista ka, ang bilis ng lahat. Pero ang tagal namin naghanap. Siyempre dapat kumportable kami, okay sa locations ng trabaho namin, at kaya ng budget,” said the Kapamilya star.

They renovated the place and gave it their own personal touch. “Medyo old house siya, ni-renovate lang namin ng kaunti. Actually si Angel karamihan nag-design diyan,” Neil said.

For the vlog, they opened their doors and gave a tour of their first floor, where they usually spend most of their time.

The living room is heavily inspired by their taste in music and film. It is filled with art and decorations they used for wedding, which you’d find more of in other areas of the house. It also connects to a den and a side porch.

The dining room and kitchen took the most work on Angel’s part, as she wanted it to feel new. Although, she kept an art piece that has been hanging there since the ‘80s.

Outside, they have a laundry area, a pool, a garden, a gym, and a garage, which houses the golf cart Neil received from Angel.

The video ends with a teaser for the next part of the tour where they’d show what’s in their second floor.

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