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Kristine Hermosa, Oyo Sotto write heartfelt messages for son Kiel

Kiel Sotto received the best birthday greetings from parents Kristine and Oyo

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/20/2021 in News
Kristine Hermosa, Oyo Sotto write heartfelt messages for son Kiel

Kristine Hermosa couldn’t be more grateful that their son Kiel came into her and her husband Oyo Sotto’s life 13 years ago.

On Kiel’s 13th birthday last Monday, August 16, the actress dedicated an entire Instagram post to express how lucky they are to have a child like him.

With photos from Kiel’s mini-celebration at home, she wrote, “Walang aksidente kay God. Hindi aksidente na binigay ka Niya sa amin, na ikaw ang naging daan sa matinding training namin bilang magulang.”


She continued to thank Kiel for the qualities they love most about him. “Thank you for always trying to be better and for understanding our shortcomings. You are a good and obedient son, Kiel. Don’t forget that. God has a great plan for your life, always obey and honor Him in everything you do.”

To end the post, she mentioned that as the eldest among five children, Kiel’s got the admiration and support of his younger siblings.

“Happy 13th birthday, Kiel! We, your family are just here for you. We are proud of you. Your siblings are all looking up to you and are all cheering you on. They adore you so much, Kuya. Please lead them well. ❤️ We love you,” said Kristine.

Kiel received a touching message from his dad Oyo as well. On his own Instagram page, the actor shared the same gratitude Kristine feels for having Kiel.

“I thank the Lord for 13 years of your life here on earth. You are such a blessing to us, Kiel. I may not be perfect, but always remember that Dada loves you so much!” he captioned their selfie together.



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Oyo added, “I pray that as you go through your teenage years, you will seek the Lord all the days of your life. I love you. Kiel! Happy birthday! Let’s create more good memories! I’m excited for you.”

The couple adopted Kiel before getting married in 2011. They have four biological children, Ondrea Bliss, Kaleb Hanns, Marvic Valentin, and Vittorio Isaac, who was just born on August 3.

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