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WATCH: Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano get into fight to prank castmates

Find out who’s who in the cast of “He’s Into Her”!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/20/2021 in News
WATCH: Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano get into fight to prank castmates

We met them on screen, but we know very few about who they are off-cam. If you’re like us who would gladly take every chance to learn more about the “He’s Into Her” cast, then you’d love the video below.

The group sat down with Star Cinema for a game that determined who’s who in the barkada.

We found out that the biggest K-pop stan among them is Vivoree. She confessed to being a fan of supergroup BTS.

It was also revealed that Joao Constancia is the biggest TikTok addict and Jeremiah Lisbo is a solid rock aficionado.

While Rhys Miguel didn’t get voted for anything, he did make us all smile when he was called out for missing Kaori Oinuma, who was not present in the interview, after writing in her name for most of the categories.

Belle Mariano admitted to being a K-drama lover and shared that her latest binge-watch was “Tale of the Nine Tailed” on Netflix.

Donny Pangilinan was named the person who’s most into biking, which Belle seemed to forget… like how he forgot about that she enjoys reading Wattpad stories.

From there, the energy between the two got more intense. Donny just kept quiet all throughout, but he couldn’t help but react when Belle voted him as the biggest stalker in the group.

“Ang dami mo kayang tinitingnang babae. Kitang-kita ko,” Belle said.

This seemed to have offended Donny and later on, he said, “‘Di ko kasi alam ba’t niya sinabi ‘yun. ‘Di naman nangyari ‘yun. Nangsa-stalk ako ng sexy? Kailan nangyari ‘yun?”

And Belle replied, “Laro lang kasi ‘to, ang dami mo namang alam.”

Confused? As you’d see in the beginning of the video, Belle and Donny were plotting something, which turned out to be a prank for their castmates.

Did they buy it? How did they react when Belle started crying and Donny walked out? Find out in the full video below:

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