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‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 10: Surprise, surprise…

Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan) win each other’s heart!

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Star Cinema Admin

8/2/2021 in News
‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 10: Surprise, surprise…

Deib (Donny Pangilinan) wonders why Max (Belle Mariano) has not showed up at the game yet. But it turns out, she’s at his place to see his mom (Ana Abad Santos). 

Max surprises Deib before the game by bringing his mom, after speaking to her about his hurts after his brother’s (Turs Daza) accident. 

Deib and his mom finally have the conversation he has always longed for. She asked for his forgiveness for blaming him for what had happened. 

Max gets a surprise of her own when RJ (Jeremiah Lisbo) arrives with her grandmother (Marissa Delgado) and her Tito Boyet (Janus del Prado). 

The game begins and quickly gets intense. RJ intimidates Deib with snarky remarks, making him lose focus. Southbay goes ahead with the points, but the game takes a turn when Deib finally manages to collect his thoughts after seeing how hard Max is cheering for him. 

Benison wins and Max runs to Deib for a hug. When RJ gets time alone with Max, she takes it as a chance to thank him for bringing her family to the city. 

Max praises how good RJ is as a friend, but he tells her he wants to be more than that to her. He confesses that even after they have settled to going back to being just friends, he still wishes he could be her boyfriend again. 

RJ begs for Max to give him another chance. He says he still loves her and Max tells RJ she loves him too. But before she could say more, Deib shows up. 

Deib storms away upon hearing Max’s words. She runs after him, but RJ pulls her back. She tells RJ she only loves him as a friend and asks him to let her go, because her heart now belongs to Deib. 

When Max catches up to Deib, he refuses to listen to what she has to say. He thinks Max is only playing with his feelings and the reason why she didn’t say “I love you” back when he said it is because she’s in love with someone else. 

But Max insists that, despite Deib’s lack of trust and past bullying, her love belongs to him and to him only. 

At Benison Bears’ victory party, Tob (Rhys Miguel) and Michiko (Kaori Oinuma) express their love for each other. Meanwhile, Lee (Joao Constancia) finally reveals his true feelings for Naih (Criza Taa). 

Deib gets a call from the private investigator he hired to work on his brother’s case. He gets informed that the CCTV from where the crime happened has finally been found. 

While Deib has not seen it yet, it’s revealed that the one of the gang members that shot Deib’s brother is no other than Max’s uncle, Boyet… 

Shocked? Watch out for more surprises at the “He’s Into Her: The Benison Ball” this Friday, August 6, at 8:30pm on www.ktx.ph! 

While V.I.P. tickets have been sold out, you could still get regular tickets for only ₱99. 

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