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4 iconic Kenji and Athena scenes and how they were shot

Can you guess which of the scenes took a whole day to shoot? #10YearsOfKathNiel

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/16/2021 in News
4 iconic Kenji and Athena scenes and how they were shot

If you'll ask a Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla fan what their favorite KathNiel movie is, chances are they will have a hard time picking just one. Each of their movies give a different kind of vibe and kilig that it's hard to pick an ultimate favorite. But one thing we're sure of is that "She's Dating The Gangster" is definitely among the fans' top picks (and also KathNiel's favorite)!

Some probably have the lines and scenes from the 2014 blockbuster film memorized by heart. And today, you're in for a treat as we deep dive on some of the most unforgettable scenes from the movie, with exclusive trivia straight from KathNiel themselves, together with director Cathy Garcia-Molina, and the rest of the production team:

1. When Athena finally said "yes" to Kenji

We all squealed when we saw Kenji (Daniel) climb a building and get ready to jump off, just to get Athena's (Kathryn) "yes." As much as Kenji seemed brave for doing so, it was actually the opposite for Daniel who described the stunt as "nakakapraning" in real-life.

Direk Cathy also recalled how they did everything in that scene without edits or effects, and how she was the first to do the scene to demonstrate for Daniel.

"At that time wala namang fake-fake. Lahat 'yan legit, si Daniel lang may tapang pero mas matapang ako. Dalawa kaming nand'yan, dalawa kaming umaakyat sa ledge, tapos naalala ko, si Daniel pa sumisigaw kasi natatakot siya for me," she recalled.

Admitting he has quite the fear of heights, Daniel said he had the guts to do it upon witnessing Direk Cathy's bravery.

"Takot ako sa mga ganung matataas na [heights]. Pero si Direk Cathy, hahamunin ka, eh. Bago ko gawin 'yun, siya muna 'yung [gumawa para ipakita na] ganito gagawin mo. Sabi ko Diyos ko… alam mo 'yun, so I have to do it. Oh my god man! Nakakalula lang pero safe naman. Mga buwis buhay na gagawin mo para sa pelikula eh," Daniel shared.

2. The dance scene where Kenji said, “I can’t breathe”

We know how much of a great singer Daniel is, but when it comes to dancing, it's very rare to see him do so. Good thing we had those scenes in the movie! And yes, Direk Cathy made it possible not just once, but twice — as Kenji and Kenneth!

"I had the best time of my life shooting the two dancing sequences kasi I know in my head how I would do it. Kumbaga ine-edit ng utak ko 'yung movements nila as Kenji and as Kenneth," Direk Cathy said.

"More than the sayaw, it’s the emotion. Naiyak ako sa parteng 'yan kasi you see the father and the son, and how much he hated the father and how much he is like his father."

3. When Athena and Kenji had their meet cute

Kenji and Athena's meet cute seems to be so perfect what with all their gazes and reactions, but did you know it actually took them one whole day just to shoot that one scene?

Kathryn recalled, "'Yung goal ng scene dapat matamaan si DJ ng libro. One whole day [namin] shinoot 'yun. Inabot ng gabi. Dito nanggaling 'yung first teaser."

4. When the pretending finally became real

We all cried with Athena when she finally admitted that her feelings for Kenji are already getting real.

But that emotional scene was actually the hardest for Kathryn, who struggled to get into the emotions needed for it.

"Sobrang hindi ako makapasok pa dun sa character...hindi ko makuha 'yung kailangan na emotion. Ewan ko, for some reason hirap na hirap ako sa scene na 'yan. 'Yan 'yung pinaka-challenging sa'kin," she admitted.

At that time, Kathryn was still a "baby" when it comes to love according to Direk Cathy, perhaps the reason why she can't get the right emotions.

Agreeing with Direk Cathy, Kathryn said, "Kung 'di mo pa napagdaanan, parang di mo pa alam yung emotion na totoo 'di ba? Parang anong alam ko sa love, sa pain, during that time. Diyan papasok si Direk Cathy."

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