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Liza Soberano clears up ‘fake news’ about her business

Liza Soberano speaks up on shaming of business owners

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/13/2021 in News
Liza Soberano clears up ‘fake news’ about her business

Liza Soberano took to Twitter her frustrations over supposed rumors spreading about her business and cleared them up once and for all.

The Kapamilya star recently launched a line of rubbing alcohol and sanitizers and gossips say she has been sending out e-mails “begging” for sales.

On Thursday, August 12, the actress let everyone know that this accusation is nothing but false.

“Rumors have been spreading around that I have been e-mailing people desperately begging them to buy HKT Essentials,” she began.

Explaining why she or anyone from her team couldn’t have done it, she said, “First of all, I don’t have an iCloud account. I use a Samsung phone, therefore my e-mails are all Google. Second, why would I email individuals asking them to buy my products? I can just post on Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube.”

Then she asked whoever started these reports to stop, as well as anyone else perpetuating “fake news” on any individual.

“Please stop it with all this fake news. Stop wasting your time making fake news about me or anybody for that matter,” she tweeted.

Liza then took a stand for everyone who has been shamed for building up or having a business of their own.

“On another point, what’s so embarrassing about being a business owner who’s trying to sell products? As long as what you’re selling is of quality and you’re not scamming people, go for it! Your hustle is your hustle, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” she said.

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