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WATCH: Janella Salvador responds to comments saying she’s ‘sayang’

Janella Salvador wants people to know that motherhood didn’t take away her talents

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/11/2021 in News
WATCH: Janella Salvador responds to comments saying she’s ‘sayang’

Janella Salvador wants to erase the public’s misconception that women stop being who they have always been the moment they have a child.

The actress/singer got real and honest about this issue she experienced herself during a catch-up vlog with friend Erich Gonzales.

Over lunch, Janella opened up that a lot of people threw judgment at her when she got pregnant. However, she’s hopeful that more have learned to be open-minded and accepting.

“Well, for sure, it's obvious naman na when people in our line of work get pregnant, lalo na at my age, ang daming different opinions and judgments,” she shared. “Ngayon, I’m sure mas open na din yung mga tao kasi ang dami ko din namang mga messages na congratulating me and ang dami ding mga positive messages.”

The former “The Killer Bride” star added that she received messages of regret, by people feeling sorry that, now that she’s a mom, her career is over.

“Pero of course, hindi mawawala yung notion na parang, ‘ay sayang,’ parang ganun. Maraming ganun na parang, ‘sayang, sayang, sayang.’ But honestly, I’m out to prove that nanganak lang naman ako, eh, ‘di ba?” she said.

“Like, I’m still Janella. I just gave birth, but I still can do what I can do. ‘Yung mga nagagawa ko dati, nagagawa ko pa rin naman. I can still act, I can still sing.” Then she quipped, “All I have to do is lose more weight.”

She believes in herself and that she can still work, maybe even better than before as she has gained more inspiration in her son Jude.

“Basically, I just want to prove not just to others but also to myself na kayang-kaya. Motherhood doesn’t stop someone from achieving their dreams,” said Janella.

But if there’s anything being a mom changed about her is that it taught her to become a morning person, tidier, and more punctual.

Janella gave birth to Jude last October in United Kingdom, in the hometown of her partner Markus Paterson.

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