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WATCH: KC Concepcion bonds with dad Gabby and siblings

Gabby and KC revealed which celebrities they'd want to portray their life stories

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Star Cinema Admin

8/10/2021 in News
WATCH: KC Concepcion bonds with dad Gabby and siblings

Before she flew to Los Angeles last June, KC Concepcion had the chance to spend quality time with her father Gabby Concepcion and her siblings.

As seen on her latest vlog, KC had an impromptu Q&A with her dad as she and her sisters Sam and Savannah threw in questions for him. The questions were all random, such as why he loves eating cold food and which is his favorite vehicle.

And with their dad being a famous personality, Sam tried to ask him, "If you were to have a movie about your life, who do you want to cast to play you?"

"I'd play myself," Gabby immediately answered. "Played by me."

Gabby then directed the same question to KC, and she picked a Hollywood artist.

"My god...the young Drew Barrymore. When she was younger," KC said.

The actress also featured some footage of her and Gabby riding kayaks when she was a kid while they were discussing different vehicles.

Explaining why he picked a kayak as his favorite vehicle, Gabby said, "It takes me where my mind wants to go and that's endless." mic drop

Watch the full vlog here:

Prior to the sit-down interview, KC also spent time with the Concepcions last April for her birthday celebration.

She is currently in Los Angeles, California and plans to further extend her stay as she officially started apartment hunting in the city.

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