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Doug Kramer shares sneak peek of family condo

Doug Kramer opens up about how “financial journey” with wife Cheska began

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8/10/2021 in News
Doug Kramer shares sneak peek of family condo

Doug Kramer shared a glimpse of how their family’s “home condo” looks like after going through a “transformation.”

The former PBA player posted before-and-after photos of their unit, which they have been working on since it was turned over to them a year ago.



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After giving updates about their new place in his post, Doug also opened up about how he and wife Cheska Garcia Kramer managed to save up for investments like this.

“When investment, hard work, and sacrifice pay off,” he wrote. Then he said that whenever they would get asked how they’ve done it, their “common answer” is always “sacrifice.”

Doug explained, “For @chekakramer and I, when we were newly married, we knew our journey financially as a couple just started, so we planned to always put needs first over wants.”

As a couple, they’ve decided to put in their earnings to things that could potentially grow. “For us, we took advantage of cash flows coming in. We would invest more than spend. And one of these investments is this place. This is but a seed we planted and slowly paid off since seven years ago.”

He added, “We would always divert our funds to our forced investments instead of everything left in liquidity. It was a way for assets to appreciate in value while you wait for the right time to let it go.”

But, of course, Doug didn’t forget to say that they still wouldn’t be able to achieve everything they have now without God’s blessing.

“Obviously, this would all be meaningless and impossible without God's grace and God's perfect timing in everything,” said Doug.

He’s looking forward for their kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, to see the “whole place” and promised to vlog about the “reveal” soon.

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