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5 women who were romantically linked to PNoy

Korina, Shalani, Liz + more personalities who once made headlines for "dating" the late former president

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7/8/2021 in News
5 women who were romantically linked to PNoy

The late former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III left quite a legacy during his term. He had done so much to boost the economy's growth, he prioritized long-neglected infrastructure projects, and he had quite a colorful dating record too.

And with the news of his passing on the morning of June 24, came the messages from his former colleagues and even exes too who remembered the good person that PNoy was.

Below are some of the women whom he dated and some who were just romantically linked to him:

Korina Sanchez

There were no firsthand interviews about the Korina and Noynoy romance back then until PNoy himself said in a 2010 interview that they called it quits "two decades ago" — which is more or less in the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

Korina was also among the first to express her condolences for the passing of her former flame as she thanked him for his service to the country.

Bernadette Sembrano

In separate news articles, it was reported that Noynoy and Bernadette were together for a year and a half before they broke up in 2003. Bernardette told Manila Bulletin that the reason why they called it quits was they were too busy with their respective careers.

Bernadette also also spoke about PNoy on her show on TeleRadyo, saying how much of a private person he was. She also recalled how he was as a friend, saying, “Siguro kapag alam niyang ikaw ay isang taong dapat niyang pagkatiwalaan, papakinggan ka niya. Pero kapag nasira 'yung tiwala naman, like anybody, markado ka rin naman."

Shalani Soledad

In an article by GMA News, Noynoy and Shalani first met in 2005 - Noynoy was then a Tarlac representative while Shalani was then a UNTV reporter. However, it was only in 2008 when the two officially became a couple.

Shalani was among those who campaigned for Noynoy during his presidential bid in 2009, but the two had broken up even before he was sworn in as the president in 2010. It was Noynoy's sister Ballsy who confirmed the news to the public.

Liz Uy

The news that Noynoy and Liz were dating first circulated when the latter was tapped to be the stylist of the former after winning the presidency in 2010. While both parties remained silent, Ballsy was once again the one to confirm to Boy Abunda that the two are indeed "getting to know each other."

The only time Noynoy said anything about them was when he praised Liz during an event in 2010. He said, "We had a conversation and I discovered how beautiful a person she was. I am impressed how she could engage in a conversation."

Four years later, Liz set the record straight on "Tapatan ni Tunying" that she never got into a relationship with the former president.

Grace Lee

Noynoy first met the Korean TV and radio personality during an inauguration of a power plant in Cebu in 2011. Months later, Noynoy admitted to the media that he and Grace are seeing each other. The two were casually spotted together on a number of occasions, until they stopped dating in April 2012 according to an article by Rappler.

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