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Toni Gonzaga gets candid about earnings made from being on TV

Toni Gonzaga shares how she chooses which projects to work on

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/6/2021 in News
Toni Gonzaga gets candid about earnings made from being on TV

Toni Gonzaga had a mini-“Pinoy Big Brother” reunion with former housemate Wil Dasovich for a 1-on-1 interview on his vlog.

The actress/host, who has also found success in YouTube, was asked to compare how much she earns from her “mainstream job” on TV and what she does on her own channel, and she gave him a real and honest answer.

“I profited a lot on television, so I was very grateful for that. Everything that I was able to provide for my family, [it came from my earnings on TV]. I was able to build a house for my family, I was able to travel the world because of that. So I am very, very grateful for that,” she told Wil.

But having been in the industry for two decades now, Toni feels that she has come to a point where she can take on projects that feel right to her and not make a decision based on how much she’s going to make from it.

“I’m at a stage in my life right where, thank God, I don’t decide anymore based on profit. I’ve reached that because in my 20-plus years in the industry, I was able naman to save for myself. So I am not deciding anymore for money. If I do something, it’s not because it’s money-driven or because ‘This is what they are gonna pay you.’ It’s not about that anymore. It’s about what I want to do and what feeds my soul,” she explained.

In her early days in the entertainment industry, Toni worked hard to prove herself and make it big, but she has realized that that’s not the best way to go.

She admitted, “I am done feeding my ego. I fed my ego for 20-plus years in the industry. I realized that was my biggest enemy, my ego. Because the ego is the idea that you have of yourself, that you’re carrying around you and that’s not helping you.”

“The day that you wear your title — Bob Iger said this in ‘The Ride of a Lifetime,’ he’s the former president of Walt Disney — he said that the moment you wear your title is the day you lose it. Because it’s the one running your life. That’s not who you are anymore. You are not what the people call you or what the people think of you. That’s just your ego. Who you are is the inner core, the inner being, what’s in your heart, what you believe in, what you stand for, your principles in life,” Toni continued. “I now decide what feels good to my soul and to my heart.”

While the Kapamilya star maintained that she loves being on TV, she revealed that after doing it for so long, it felt kind of a routine, which is the opposite of what she does for her YouTube channel.

“Last night, before sleeping, I was very excited to go to the studio today because I know I’m gonna be able to talk to you, I’m gonna talk to another person again later,” she said to Wil.

“I miss that feeling of being excited to go to work because I realized that I’ve been doing my job on TV. I love it, but I was on autopilot. It became a routine. I’d wake up, I’ll go do the show, I will do it all over again. Nawala na 'yung dating excitement na ‘Oh, I am doing this tomorrow.’ 'Yun 'yung nahanap ko ngayon sa ginagawa ko,” said Toni.

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