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This Week on 'We Rise Together': John Prats, ChiManda, KD + Anji!

Here's what ChiManda is most excited about on being part of "Love at First Stream"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/30/2021 in News
This Week on 'We Rise Together': John Prats, ChiManda, KD + Anji!

Two talented singers, a promising love team, and an amazing director graced this week's "We Rise Together"!

Last July 26, The Squad Plus' KD Estrada and Anji Alvacion joined the show to share more about their latest individual projects, and both share a passion for music.

Anji, who released her single "Coming Back" last December, shared the inspiration behind the song.

"Actually the song is dedicated to my father. After 'Idol PH,' nag-go see ako with the bosses and there, I met the composer of the song. I told her my story that my dad has been missing for almost 10 years. I just told her how I feel and why he was gone, and how much sadness I feel. That I was still hoping for him to come back to us and for us to meet again," she said.

KD, on the other hand, was given the privilege to record a Chinese version of Daniel Padilla and Moira dela Torre's hit "Mabagal" with Singaporean artist Haven.

The 18-year-old shared his preparations given it's his first time to sing a Mandarin song.

"Nag-Zoom meeting ako to know the right pronunciations kasi ang importante 'yung pronunciations and not really 'yung meaning ng song. But the meaning of the song, may nakita kang tao and may feeling kang siya na 'yun. She or he's the one," he shared.

Watch the full episode here:

Fresh from their win at the "LoveTeam Stream," a grateful Chico Alicaya and Amanda Zamora faced their fans during the July 28 episode and thanked them for helping them earn 110 million diamonds throughout the campaign.

Chico said they actually didn't expect to win since they encountered some problems during the last two hours of their final kumu stream.

"That's really a lot knowing the support na binigay sa'min, we reached that. It's unexpected din kasi I was actually having an asthma attack while doing the campaign. The last few hours I was having an asthma attack," Chico revealed.

Meanwhile, Amanda couldn't be more excited for their first movie project as a love team which will be under the direction of Blockbuster Director Cathy Garcia-Molina.

"Super happy kasi first movie project po. We really wanted to work hard for this kasi Direk Cathy 'yung project, it's really exciting po. I guess [sa pagkapanalo namin] hindi kami naging kampante kasi may malalakas na tao din sa leaderboard. We really did our best and we're really thankful sa ChiManda supporters, Team Amanda, and Team Chico," she said.

ChiManda will be the guest love team who will star alongside Kaori Oinuma, Daniela Stranner, Rhys Miguel, and Anthony Jennings in "Love at First Stream" slated to be released soon!

Watch the full episode here:

Actor-director John Prats shared more of his work behind the camera as "It's Showtime's" director, and he admitted that he felt pressured when he first took the helm.

"Una kong naisip noon, hindi ko siya forte. Hindi 'yun 'yung comfort zone ko eh. Sanay ako na concert ang dini-direct ko and 'yung Christmas Special, that was the first time kong mag-direct ng may coverage. 'Yung 'Showtime' kasi medyo malawak 'yung coverage niya," he shared.

"But I realize, sometimes we want something in our lives, may gusto kang direksyon, may gusto kang show na pasukin pero si God nag-open ng ibang door for you. Bakit ito 'yung binibigay sa'kin? And then I realized, why not? Sometimes in life you have to jump, take the risk," he added.

Watch the full episode here:

Catch your favorite Rise artists and their celebrity guests on "We Rise Together" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 12 noon on Rise Artists Studio and Star Cinema's Facebook pages.

You can also watch full episodes on Rise Artists Studio's Youtube channel!

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