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Is Donny Pangilinan boyfriend material? Here's what Belle Mariano thinks

Belle also believes having the "same wavelength" with Donny is the reason why DonBelle became a hit

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/30/2021 in News
Is Donny Pangilinan boyfriend material? Here's what Belle Mariano thinks

"He's Into Her" is officially airing its finale episode tonight, July 30, and its lead stars Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan couldn't be more grateful for the success of the series.

During the show's finale blogcon, Belle expressed her gratitude for the support they got all throughout, especially to the DonBelle fans who have been with them since day one.

As to why she thinks their team-up became a huge hit to the viewers, Belle said having the "same wavelength" with Donny helped them translate their chemistry on screen.

“Para kaming nagwo-work pero we don’t feel as if we’re working, kasi sobrang nage-enjoy kami. And sobrang feeling ko nagja-jive lang talaga 'yung ugali namin and parang same wavelength so nagkakaintindihan kami. Feeling ko nag-click 'yung pairing namin, because 'yung personalities namin it jive," she explained.



The same goes for their kilig scenes, which Belle admitted was more real and authentic now compared to the early scenes in the series.

“Of course kinikilig ako [sa scenes namin], kasi in order na maparating namin 'yung kilig sa mga viewers at manunuod namin, kailangan din namin kiligin. Pero hindi naman ganun kabilis bumaklas sa emotions so siyempre nandun pa rin 'yung kilig after the scene. But it’s easier now compared before,” she said.

DonBelle fans also need not to worry once the show is over since the two are already scheduled to work again in the future according to Belle

In terms of their working relationship, Belle said she's happy with Donny as her partner. “We’re just really focused sa work and we’re really happy with the company of each other." 

"What I like most is 'yung pagiging supportive niya and 'yung optimisim niya sa set na napapasa niya sa lahat. 'Yung pagiging happy niya na napapasa niya sa lahat. Nahahawa niya lahat sa energy niya and that’s what I like most about him,” she admitted.

So does that mean she finds Donny as boyfriend material?

"Well I guess you can ask all the girls here and for sure they’ll say yes naman of course,” Belle said.

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