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5 useful finds you didn't know you needed

A phone case that also doubles as a sling bag? Take our money! 💸

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/30/2021 in News
5 useful finds you didn't know you needed

Frequent online shoppers know that cute and cheap products can also be some of the most practical things you can ever buy. Whether it's something to make your life easier or a multifunctional item, these useful items are the ones you never even knew you needed.

This payday, make the most out of your extra money by checking out these life-changing finds on Lazada:

Earpods stand

Yes, earpods cases are cute but have you ever seen a cat earpods stand? This dancing cat stand-slash-holder can "carry" your earpods when not in use, making it a functional yet very cute addition to your desk or shelf.

Shop the cat holder here.

Massage pillow

It can be quite risky to go get your massage session at spas in this time of pandemic, but this massage pillow can be a great substitute. Its stimulated massage feature can mimic those that are given in massage studios, giving you a spa-like session at the comfort of your home.

Shop the therapy pillow here.

Seat cushion

Having to sit for 9 long hours at work isn't just exhausting, but they are also dangerous to your health. For those who have to work in front of their computers, adding an ergonomic lumbar pillow to your chair can help ease back pain brought by long hours of sitting.

Shop the foam cushion here.

Sling bag phone case

Want to know what's more fun than having a cute phone case? A phone case that actually doubles as another functional item! This phone case can also be used as a sling bag that can hold your money and cards, perfect for that quick errand to the grocery or bank.

Shope the phone case here.

Silly straw glasses

Nope, these silly-looking straw glasses aren't just for kids; they're perfect for the child at heart too! You can use them at parties, overnight with friends, or when you just feel like you need something fun to do while drinking on your alone time.

Shop the straw glasses here.

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