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5 gadget accessories everyone should have

You'll swear by these tech accessories once you own one!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/3/2021 in News
5 gadget accessories everyone should have

You can splurge on gadgets all you want, but there are also a few accessories that can change your life once you own one.

The best part? They're all below P1000! Time to invest on these tech accessories to make your work or study life at home even better and comfortable:

Laptop stand

If use your laptop heavily for work or for school, chances are you feel neck pain and discomfort because you have to sit and look down for long periods of time. Getting an adjustable laptop stand can help ease the pain by elevating your laptop to your eye level. Just make sure you get a sturdy one that can hold your laptop size to ensure stability while using.

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Laptop sleeve

When not in use, laptops should be stored in quality laptop bags or sleeves to keep them thoroughly protected. Leather bags are your best pick since they are made of high quality fabric and are water-resistant. There are laptop sleeves now that are easily convertible to a stand and inclusive of cord and mouse bags, making them convenient and practical.

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Phone stand

Like laptops, there are now mobile phone stands ergonomically designed to hold your phones while you're watching your favorite show. If you own a tablet, you can go for ones that can fit both sizes so you can use them for both gadgets.

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Earpods case

We're firm believers that you can never have too many earpods cases. It's nice to change cases once in a while depending on your mood, but you can never go wrong with kawaii ones that are just too cute to be used.

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Gaming console case

If you have a hand-held console, you should take good care of it as much as you value your phone and laptop. Cases made of durable material can provide protection to your console while having added features such as game card slots and a stand so you can play anywhere you like.

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