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The future, according to Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

Belle Mariano believes Donny Pangilinan could conquer the world. And he thinks she could conquer the universe.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/28/2021 in News
The future, according to Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

Some say our future’s written in the stars. Is it really? Does the cosmos hold the answers to how our lives would turn out? We can never know for sure.

One thing we’re certain about though is that the stars did align to bring “He’s Into Her” lead actors Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano together. Because with the chemistry that they have, it’s hard to believe they were simply set up. What they have, we think, is something predestined.

You might roll your eyes and say we’re speaking clichés, but just because something was meant to happen, doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work for it.

Donny and Belle didn’t always have the spark they have now. In fact, when they first met, they didn’t have the best impressions on each other.

In an interview on Star Cinema’s “Couch Talk”, he revealed that he initially thought she was “shy” and “hindi nagsasalita.”

He was right. Belle was indeed being shy, as she was scared to be paired with him for the series. “Well, nung una medyo natakot ako. But then, naging comfortable na. Nahiya ako nung una. So tama ka, shy nga ‘yung first impression mo sa akin, kasi nahihiya naman talaga ako nung una,” she explained in all honesty.

That’s just who Belle is. She is always in her true, authentic self. And that’s how she wants people around her, as well as her fans, to remember her by.

“I want to be remembered by simply who I am, like super real ko sa sarili ko. Gusto ko ‘yun ‘yung tumatak sa mga tao,” she shared.

Belle added, “Wala akong tinatago, guys. Wala talaga.”

But even though the two agreed that everyone shouldn’t hide who they really are, they think some things are best kept to ourselves.

“I feel like kahit ‘di ka naman public figure, you should keep 10% to yourself,” Belle thought.

Donny agreed, but said, “I think you should keep more. But still, like all around, we share a lot, but every single person has to keep stuff to themselves. That makes who you are, you can’t be just an open book, ‘di ba?”

Luckily, they didn’t hesitate to reveal what they had in mind when asked about what they are looking forward to the most at the moment.

Both of them wish “He’s Into Her” to get picked up for more seasons and both of them have aspirations for each other.

“Siyempre looking forward for Donny to grow, mas maging household name pa siya. Mas mag-grow siya, mas makilala niya ‘yung sarili niya. Mas makilala niya ‘yung mundo. And I’m really loking forward to see him conquer the world,” said Belle.

As for Donny, “Ang dami ko pang gusto ma-experience, even with Belle, of course. A lot of the things we were about to work on, na-postpone. So even that itself, I’m looking forward to that. But same with Belle, I can’t wait to see her conquer the universe, kasi kayang-kaya niya sobra. People need to appreciate how amazing Belle is.”

“Ang dami ko pang gustong ma-experience. I think we’re gonna go through a lot, you just have to get ready for the ride. Wait and see,” he continued.

We may never find out if the stars do have a say in our future, but whatever they may bring to Donny and Belle, it seems like they are ready to face it. Together.

Watch the full interview here for more DonBelle revelations:

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