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Vin Abrenica weighs in on infidelity and men’s ability to resist temptation

Does Vin Abrenica think men are inclined to cheat?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/23/2021 in News
Vin Abrenica weighs in on infidelity and men’s ability to resist temptation

Vin Abrenica shared his thoughts on infidelity during a game of “Questions We’ve Never Asked Each Other” for a vlog with his fiancée Sophie Albert.

At one point in the video, Sophie asked the “A Soldier’s Heart” actor, “Do you really believe that men can’t resist temptation if temptation is there?”

“This is about cheating,” he clarified.

Then Sophie added, “They say that men cannot resist the temptation to cheat.”

While the couple did not refer to anything else but their own views and opinions, it’s worth noting that this comes after action star Robin Padilla made a controversial comment when asked about the cheating allegations on Vin’s brother Aljur Abrenica on Robin’s daughter Kylie Padilla.

“Sa panahon ngayon, huwag tayo maglokohan. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi ako naniniwala na merong lalaking makakatanggi sa tukso,” said Robin in an interview.

As for Vin, he thinks adultery is a sin a person may choose or not to commit. “‘Yung nakakalimutan ng statement na ‘yan is God gave us a choice and that’s His gift to humans to man. Binigyan din Niya tayo ng choice to choose what’s right and what’s wrong.”

He continued that cheating could be avoided if only couples having troubles would communicate. “’Yung taong cheater, will he always be a cheater all his life? Well, if it’s not working in the first place, kapag hindi mo nakukuha ang gusto mo, why would you get something from other girls, ‘di ba? Why not consult your partner first? Sabihin ko sa ‘yo, ‘This is what I want. Hindi mo mabigay? Then, okay, ‘di mo mabigay sa ‘kin ‘yon, I think ‘yung relationship natin might be at risk.’”

If even after couples try and still fail at working on their relationships, then that’s when they should decide to part ways peacefully, Vin suggested. “Then, kung makapag-agree kayo na at risk nga ‘yung relationship, kung ayaw niyo pa rin ang isa’t isa, then at least you have a closure first. Edi maghiwalay kayo. Then you do the stuff that you want to do, di ba? Choose.”

“Then, at least, you’re not gonna cheat. But, at least, you’re gonna do what you want that can satisfy you. ‘Yung pinakaano talaga sa akin, you have a choice. You always have a choice,” he reiterated.

Vin then pointed out that the idea that men, naturally, aren’t able to resist temptation is false, because again, as humans we always make our own choices.

“Well, one, lahat naman is nate-tempt. ‘Yung statement na hindi talaga makaka-resist yung guy, well, I think that is unfair. Meron talagang temptations na nangyayari sa atin. Parang, alam mo ‘yon, it’s a choice,” he explained.

“You chose to cheat or you chose to be tempted. I think that’s unfair for guys or it’s not about… it’s not a matter of sex, biology, kung lalaki ka or babae ka,” said Vin.

In a statement sent to GMA News, Kylie announced that she and Aljur are in a “healthy co-parenting relationship” for their two sons, Alas and Axl, after their split.

She also requested for privacy and respect as she still is not in the process of “recovering, healing, and moving on.”

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