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10 couples that developed on 'Pinoy Big Brother'

Some are happily married while some sadly didn't last.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/22/2021 in News
10 couples that developed on 'Pinoy Big Brother'

With love teams being a staple of Philippine showbiz, it's no wonder that "Pinoy Big Brother" has been serving us kilig with all the love teams formed inside Kuya's house.

They got us hooked, we shipped them hard, and we witnessed their genuine love on TV. It was even nicer to know that some of these team-ups actually ended up in real life and are living their dreams together. There were some, however, that just didn't work out.

Below are some of the couples that started out in "PBB" and what they are up to now:

Gee-ann Abrahan and Mickey Perz



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Gee-ann and Mickey are from the second season of "PBB" and they went from reel to real. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and are now blessed with two beautiful kids.

Wendy Valdez and Bruce Quebral

Also from the second season, Wendy and Bruce dated after their "PBB" stint and eventually got married in 2009. However, their marriage only lasted for months after realizing that they weren't mature enough for married life.

In 2012, the two officially got annulled. Wendy later on married Normann Garcia in 2015 and they are now proud parents to their son Seth.

Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco



Collectively known as MelaSon, the couple already had a huge fan base even while inside Kuya's house. Their relationship lasted even after "PBB Double Up" and eventually got married in 2013. They now have two beautiful daughters, Mela and Stela.

Pamu Pamorada and Kevin Fowler

Pamu and Kevin, also known as MuVin, had their fair share of sweet moments during "PBB Unlimited." They also dated for some time after the show, until they parted ways in 2018.

Kevin is now dating a non-showbiz partner named Cindy Zavala.

Carlo Romero and Wendy Tabusalla



Carlo and Wendy were among the "PBB" alums who also ended up together in real life. Both from "PBB Unlimited," the two tied the knot in 2014 and are now based in the United States with their three kids.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson



Perhaps the most popular love team and couple that started out in "PBB," Kim and Gerald's reel-to-real relationship enchanted us as they starred in countless series and movies together. The two dated for a while until they broke up in 2010.

At present, Kim has been together with Xian Lim since 2012, while Gerald is dating Julia Barretto.

Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida


Tommy and Miho, or Tomiho as their fans call them, were romantically involved during their stay in "PBB 737." However, the two announced through a joint statement in 2017 that they called it quits after two years of dating.

McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson



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It all started with McCoy having a crush on Elisse during "PBB 737," and eventually became one of the most-shipped love teams during the season. After "PBB," the two started dating and even starred on projects together.

In 2019, they made headlines after they confirmed their breakup. The two eventually got together again in 2020 and are currently thriving in a long distance relationship.

Loisa Andalio and Joshua Garcia

Loisa and Joshua have been romantically linked during their "PBB All In" stint with their legion of fans called LoiShua. They officially became a love team after "PBB," although things became different when they were paired with other actors. The two, however, cleared that they are civil with each other.

Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette



Lou and Andre first confessed their feelings for each other during their "PBB Otso" stint when they had the chance to have a date courtesy of Big Brother. A month later, Andre asked Lou to be his girlfriend on national TV where they officially became a couple.

The two dated for almost two years before publicly announcing their breakup early this January.

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