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James Reid admits stepping away from acting was ‘difficult’

James Reid opens up about early struggles from running own music label

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/2/2021 in News
James Reid admits stepping away from acting was ‘difficult’

James Reid has not done an acting project in a while and though he says he still loves being an actor, he thought he just had to step back and do what his passion is calling for.

The “Soda” artist now runs his own label Careless Music, and he explained that what he likes most about it is being able to express who he really is, which playing characters in films and series does not do for him.

“What I did crave was artistic expression. I didn’t want people to recognize me for my name or the fame. It was for the things that I did or that I created myself,” he said in an interview on KwentoJuan.

The former “Till I Met You” star added, “I love acting. But sometimes after doing teleserye after teleserye, it gets repetitive and I felt like kind of robotic. I craved something that came from me, that I can really express. I was just following instructions. It wasn’t feeding my soul.”

James admitted coming to the decision of focusing solely on his music and his company wasn’t an easy one.

“It was difficult for me to step away from all of that because I was in a very good place. But I stepped away from doing that and I chose something more difficult, which is something that I still had to grow in [such as] making music and production, writing songs,” he explained.

But make no mistake, being really into it does not spare James and his partners from the struggles of being on their own.

“At the start, it was just me and my friends doing music. We do one show once a month and we think it’s great. But after a while and you look at the numbers, it’s like, ‘Oh, my God. We need to earn money. We can’t just be doing shows and spending money on this.’ The hard part was learning how to make it professional. That’s what we spend this year doing, growing up. It was really hard,” said James.

Watch his full interview here:

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