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5 clothing essentials during the rainy season

These pieces will make your OOTDs stylish yet comfortable even while it's raining!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/2/2021 in News
5 clothing essentials during the rainy season

The damp and rainy season doesn't mean you can't stay fashionable. It can be a nuisance, yes, but there are several clothing pieces now that are designed to keep you from being soaking wet while still being in style.

Don't let the rain become a deal-breaker when it comes to dressing up! Here are some of our rainy day clothing finds which you can shop online:

Denim jacket

If there's one clothing piece that should be a staple in your wardrobe, it should be a quality denim jacket. They don't just keep you warm and safe, they also elevate any look and add instant cool. You can never go wrong with an oversized light blue denim jacket for your stylish rainy day fit.

Shop here.

Silk pajamas

If you're looking for something to keep you comfy at home during the rainy weather, silk pajamas are your best friend. Silk clothing is known for their smooth and luxurious feel, so we won't judge you if you decide to spend your day wearing PJs!

Shop here.

Parka jacket

Parka jackets are a great additional layer to protect yourself from the rain and the cold weather. While there are several designs you can find online, take note to look for ones with loose-fitting cuts to stay on trend.

Shop here.

Active jacket

What we love about active jackets is they are multipurpose — you can use them while working out and as protection when it's raining outside. Active jackets come in different styles, but you might want to opt for ones with pockets in front for some extra storage for your valuables.

Shop here.

Oversized hoodie

Just like denim jackets, oversized hoodies are also wardrobe staples because of how you can easily style them. They're super comfortable that you might end up buying several of them! Just a tip though, you might want to get one or two sizes bigger than your usual size for that Korean style fit you see in K-dramas.

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