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Pinakaselosa? Pinakamatampuhin? Gabbi, Ria, Bianca, and Aeriel spill it all in Kathryn's newest vlog

Plus, some revelations about their friendship and personal life!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/19/2021 in News
Pinakaselosa? Pinakamatampuhin? Gabbi, Ria, Bianca, and Aeriel spill it all in Kathryn's newest vlog

Kathryn Bernardo finally granted one of the most requested guests for the TGIS segment on her Youtube channel, the girls of Nguya Squad.

On the latest episode, the actress invited over her good friends Ria Atayde, Gabbi Garcia, Aeriel Garcia, and Bianca Yanga for a sit down interview as they talked about life and their friendship, and recalled their fondest memories as a group.

For the first part, the girls described each other by picking a food they think represents their personality. They also played a little game where they had to choose among the five of them depending on the category, and the one with the most votes will have to drink as a consequence.

Among the questions was who among them is the loudest, which they all unanimously answered Gabbi. Another question asked was who were the pinakamatampuhin and pinakaselosa, which both turned out to be Kathryn and Bianca.

Kathryn then immediately defended herself saying, "Nasa lugar naman!"

For the question of who among them does weird things when drunk, they named Kathryn, Gabbi, and Aeriel. Meanwhile, they all drank when asked who among them will be the coolest tita and the friend who will always be there for each other.

Moving forward, the girls recalled the best memory they shared as a group which they all agreed was their Halloween party from 2020.

"Very competitive 'yung both sides. Kunyari hindi namin pinaghahandaan tapos magugulat kami parehas palang naghanda," Bianca shared.

Kathryn also recalled how they ended up dressing as corpse brides as opposed to the boys' zombie costumes.

"Originally, the plan was pupunta lang tayo [na girls] as M&Ms. At may bubwit na nagsabi sa'min na may prostethics 'yung boys. So naging competitive na lahat and nag-end up as corpse brides," she recalled.

Apart from their shared interests, what makes these girls' friendship work is how they lift each other up.

"What I like about us is a win for someone, is a win for all of us. We really support each other. Even the simple things - somebody gets a new TVC, somebody has a posting... 'Uy, congrats'. It's the simple things like that. Apart from that, it's nice we're part of each other's lives. It's nice we see each other grow. It's a nice feeling to have such a supportive group of friends," Ria said.

Agreeing with her, Bianca added, "Importante na gusto natin manalo ang isa't isa. Walang hatakan pababa so lahat pataas lang."

And for their last words, the girls shared their wishes and dreams for their friendship.

"I just wish we get to grow up together, continue to grow old together, and I wish we all become the men and women I know we can become. We got this!" Ria said while adding, "Sana kung sino man maging jowa ko, pwedeng ma-incorporate sa group."

For Gabbi, she wishes to keep the healthy relationship they have. "Sana ma-maintain natin yung healthy friendship kasi this is a super non-toxic ng friendship which I admire kasi not everyone has this kind of relationship. We are lucky we found each other and sana ma-maintain lang natin until the end," she said.

Lastly for Kathryn, she hopes for their friendship to never change for the many years to come.

"Sana maka-travel tayo out of the country, sana mag-grow tayo together. Lahat tayo may kanya-kanya tayong goal pero I hope na lahat tayo nagchi-cheer sa success ng isa't isa. And kapag may kailangan tayo, 'wag sana tayo mapagod to comfort one another and just keep it real through the years."

"Kaya siguro mahal na mahal ko 'tong friendship na 'to kasi it's very real. Kulang na ang life ko 'pag wala 'to. Sobrang saya ng life ko kasi naba-balance niyo. Sobrang workaholic niyo lahat pero whenever we see each other, parang normal tayo lahat and I appreciate that friendship," Kathryn added.

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